Nathan's Plan
Season 2, Episode 3


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December 29, 2015
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Daniel Cooper
Sterling Ryan**
Lia Porter
TJ Adkins**
Brian Doolins**
Dwight Horseman**
Angela Ellis
Chris Wayans**
Nathan DeVries
Stewie MacRoy
Emily Reed
Johnathan Washington**
Melody Smith
Sullivan Martinez

Also Starring


Benji Billiams*
Susan Sandler**
Heath Wayans*
Clara Adams**
Fitzgerald Walden**
Dexter Lovett
Johnny Sattory*

* = Doesn't appear
** = No Lines
*** = Flashback

Nathan's Plan is an episode of Danger Of The Dead.

Plot Overview

As Melody and Dexter are held as prisoner to Nathan and the three others, Emily begins to ask them each questions about their groups; Nathan goes on a scouting run, and finds out where they actually are as a familiar man confronts him, Angela begins to bond with Sullivan.

Plot Synopsis

Nathan runs into the nearby town. Nathan finds a newspaper on the ground, and reads that they're in South Haven, Michigan. "We're too far out." Nathan says to himself just as a man aims his weapon at him. "Give me all of your supplies." The man says to Nathan. Nathan pulls out his shotgun, and aims at him. " should give me all of your supplies, bandit." Nathan says to the man. "You know what? We should just chat with each other instead of fighting. I'm glad that you haven't shot me yet." The man says to Nathan. Nathan notices a similar scar on the man's face. "What is your group?" The man asks Nathan. "Reed Safe-Zone. We were taken by the Central Slave Trade Colony, but we got freed." Nathan answers to the man. The man takes off his mask, and it's revealed to be Stewie. "I'd love to chat, but you better shut your damn mouth about me or you'll be dead within 10 seconds due to my gun." Stewie says to Nathan. "What do you want?" Nathan asks Stewie. "Take me to where your group is at out here." Stewie answers to Nathan. Nathan subdues Stewie, and aims his gun at him. "Don't...." Stewie says to Nathan as Nathan shoots him in the head. Nathan realizes that he killed Stewie. Nathan pulls out a knife, and decapitates Stewie's corpse, and takes his head back to the warehouse.

Angela and Sullivan hugs each just as Nathan returns with Stewie's head. "Who's head is that?" Angela asks Nathan. "The head of Stewie MacRoy. Our safe-zone's main enemy." Nathan answers to Angela. "So you find out where we're at?" Sullivan asks Nathan. "For some reason, we're in lower west Michigan in the city of South Haven." Nathan answers to Sullivan. "Let's in the truck." Angela says to everyone.

Emily looks at Melody as she wakes up. "Can you describe to me more about your group?" Emily asks Melody. "Our leader, Rex, was a former governor of Michigan. He was the winner of the 2028 US Presidential election. The zombie apocalypse began when he was waiting for himself to get the office. Our secondary leader, Arnold Wagner, was a former cannibal that we took in after he proved that he could be on our side. Half of our colony are actually cannibals, but those ones are far away from here. Arnold wasn't a popular man. Wyatt Minzey, a bounty hunter like me and Sullivan, was in Chicago, and Sullivan killed him before he saved you. The others with Sullivan were his slaves. Those slaves now are in the slave market. He spared you because he knew that you were a part of an important group. We don't put members of major groups into the slave trade. We take them to our place, and tell them about the slave trade. To do forced advertisements of our colony. If I were to go back to your group's place, be with me. Be my girlfriend." Melody answers to Emily. "I already have one, but I could do a threesome. You can be my 2nd girlfriend." Emily says to Melody. Emily walks over to Dexter. "Can you describe to me more about your group?" Emily asks Dexter. Dexter looks up at her. "You already saw my group. I'm better off just staying here. You and the others should just leave me." Dexter answers to Emily. "Fine. Have it your way." Emily says to Dexter just as she frees Melody and him. The two women walks to the truck as Dexter exits from his cell.

Dexter watches as the survivors leaves. "At least I was spared." Dexter says to himself just before closing the warehouse, and gathers his supplies, and walks away from the warehouse.

Nathan and the others drives into Indiana, and then the truck flips onto it's side as someone shoots out their tires. The survivors exits from the truck, and sees two bandits aiming at them. Nathan and Angela shoots the two bandits in their heads. Sullivan recognizes the two bandits. "Dammit....The Killers." Sullivan says to the two about the two corpses.

Sylvester, the leader of The Killers, looks at the Reed Safe-Zone as he and his fellow men stalks the guards. "Troy, stay close to me." Sylvester says to Troy. "Alright." Troy says to Sylvester.

Sullivan looks at the corpses. "Those were Ron and Brady. Sylvester is gonna be pissed." Sullivan says to the two. "Why?" Nathan asks Sullivan. "They are his brothers." Sullivan answers to Nathan. Nathan discovers a wounded member of the Reed Safe-Zone nearby with a walkie talkie. "Clyde, are you still alive?" Nathan asks Clyde. Clyde wakes up. "Nathan, here's the walkie talkie. Bring me back to the safe-zone. We got a new enemy. The Killers." Clyde says to Nathan. "We already know." Nathan says to Clyde as turns on the walkie talkie. "Hello. This is Nathan DeVries. We got two new survivors, and we found Clyde wounded. We're in Indiana. Beware. There might be enemies outside of the safe-zone. I'd advise for no one to exit from the safe-zone at all times." Nathan says to the public speakers via walkie talkie.

Daniel and the others hears the speakers. Daniel pulls out his walkie talkie. "Anything else?" Daniel asks Nathan via walkie talkie. "I killed Stewie MacRoy. I have his head in a bag to show to everyone. Just wait while we...." Nathan answers to Daniel via walkie talkie just before gunshots are heard in the background. "Nathan! Are you and your fellow survivors alright? Stay Alive!!!" Daniel yells for Nathan via walkie talkie.

Nathan and the others are taken as hostages of The Killers.

Three hours goes by as the hostage truck arrives at Sylvester's location. Sylvester looks as the vehicles comes straight at them. The truck is shot at, and is destroyed by several of The Killers.

Nathan and the others arrives at the safe-zone as they reunite with the survivors. The survivors notices Nathan's scar. "What happened?" Lia asks Nathan. "I was shot in the side of my head. As you already know, my ear is destroyed, and I have a permanent scar." Nathan answers to Lia.

Other Cast





  • First appearance of Sylvester.
  • First appearance of Clyde.
  • First appearance of Troy.
  • First(and Last) appearance of Ron.
  • First(and Last) appearance of Brady.
  • Last appearance of Dexter Lovett. (Unknown)
  • Last appearance of Stewie MacRoy. (Alive)
  • First mentions of Arnold Wagner.
  • First mentions of Wyatt Minzey.

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