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DeVries Family Neighborhood

DeVries Family

Teddy DeVries DOTDTV
Nathan DeVries DOTDTV
Emma DeVries DOTDTV
Chase DeVries DOTDTV
Dane DeVries DOTDTV

Michael and Kelly's Family

Kelly Hope DOTDTV

Christian's Family

Daniel Cooper DOTDTV

Morgan Family

Alice Morgan DOTDTV

Sterling and Michelle's Family

Freedom Wall College

Bud Wells DOTDTV
Erica Wilkinson DOTDTV
Naomi Hillsburg DOTDTV
Neil Berke DOTDTV
Max Dalls DOTDTV
Terry Moseby DOTDTV
Leon Campbell DOTDTV

Roger's Community

Brian Doolins DOTDTV
Noah Kilos DOTDTV
Sandra Lopez DOTDTV
Benji Billiams DOTDTV
Lia Porter DOTDTV
Roger Anderson DOTDTV
Nate Herrings DOTDTV
Ryker Lucas DOTDTV
Erron Jonas DOTDTV
Dave Lautner DOTDTV
Todd Taggart DOTDTV

Burt and Susan's Family

Devin Sandler DOTDTV
Burt Sandler DOTDTV
Susan Sandler DOTDTV

Bryan's Family

Sally Cals DOTDTV
Bryan Cals DOTDTV

Angela's Family

Ben Ellis DOTDTV
Angela Ellis DOTDTV

Hospital Gang

Joseph Casler DOTDTV
Leevi Thompson DOTDTV

Lee's Family

Dwight Horseman DOTDTV
Lee Horseman DOTDTV

FEMA Clinic

Chase Black DOTDTV
Alex Devins DOTDTV

The Sneakers

Owen Winsley DOTDTV

Reed Safe-Zone

Kenny Henderson DOTDTV
Ludwig Adams DOTDTV
Felipe Gaza DOTDTV
Carley Goede DOTDTV
Jenna Campman DOTDTV
Chris Wayans DOTDTV
Raul Tanis DOTDTV
Clark Wanston DOTDTV
Greg Castro DOTDTV
Ashley Holman DOTDTV

Morton and Natalie's Family

Morton Hanks DOTDTV
Greg Hanks DOTDTV

Johnathan's Family

Kara Washington DOTDTV

Lopez Family

Juan Lopez DOTDTV
Marian Lopez DOTDTV
Leon Lopez DOTDTV

Nathaniel's Family

Winema Family

Harry Winema DOTDTV
Paul Winema DOTDTV

Carson and Emily's Family

Carson Reed DOTDTV
Emily Reed DOTDTV
Alicia Reed DOTDTV

MacRoy Safe-Zone

Merle Offseyer DOTDTV
Beth Washburn DOTDTV
Caleb Winslow DOTDTV
Ed Brosnan DOTDTV

Scott's Family

Scott Summers DOTDTV
Kentli Summers DOTDTV

MacRoy Family

Stewie MacRoy DOTDTV
Evan MacRoy DOTDTV

Wesley's Family

Wesley Bennett DOTDTV
Hall Bennett DOTDTV

Samuel's Group

Samuel Andrewstone DOTDTV

Stavros' Mafia

Frank Lloyd DOTDTV

Rex's Gang

Melody Smith DOTDTV
Rex Eastwood DOTDTV

Muskegon Bandit Army

Negan Marks DOTDTV

Alicia's Family

Alicia Hernando DOTDTV

NWO Colony

Lucas Wints DOTDTV
Archer Glenns DOTDTV

NWO Colony Resistance

Riley Danes DOTDTV
Chance Lopez DOTDTV

DC Warehouse Survivors

Charles' Church

Richmond Mall Community

Carth Martinez DOTDTV

NY City Safe-Zone

Isham Summerville DOTDTV

Clifford's Family

Roger Walters DOTDTV

Victor's Group

Victor and Carla's Family

Carla Nelson DOTDTV
Noah Nelson DOTDTV
Josh Nelson DOTDTV
Victor Nelson DOTDTV

Downtown Colony

Morris Sadler DOTDTV
Grant Dewitt DOTDTV
Lewis Jones DOTDTV
Noah Bens DOTDTV
Wesley Johnson DOTDTV
Walter Phillips DOTDTV

Eastly Family

Carley Eastly DOTDTV
Ellie Eastly DOTDTV

Bellings Community

Lamar Tanner DOTDTV
Billy Greene DOTDTV
Locke Reed DOTDTV
Alexis Smith DOTDTV
Nicole Brandy DOTDTV
Dexter Lovett DOTDTV
Taya Brandow DOTDTV
Andrea Garber DOTDTV
Loki Wells DOTDTV
Fred Dodge DOTDTV
Samuel Eckert DOTDTV

Chadwick Family

Justin Chadwick DOTDTV
Julian Chadwick DOTDTV

Billington Family

Saul Billington DOTDTV

Everett Family

Roger Everett DOTDTV

The Killers

Tom Goede DOTDTV

Sylvester's Family

Bruce Winters DOTDTV

Kurt's Crew

Kurt Tanis DOTDTV
Ella Seely DOTDTV

Rick's Group

Glenn Rhee DOTDTV
Rick Grimes DOTDTV
Daryl Dixon DOTDTV

Hershel's Family

Maggie Greene DOTDTV

The Prisoners

Axel Winston DOTDTV
Oscar Franklin DOTDTV
Andrew Douglas DOTDTV
Dexter Noah DOTDTV
Tomas Richards DOTDTV

The Marksman's Group

Zimmer Family Community

Justin and Rita's Family

Rita Zimmer DOTDTV
Justin Zimmer DOTDTV

The Hunters

Gareth Tanner DOTDTV
Carter Townley DOTDTV

Tucker's Crew

Rosita Bultema DOTDTV
Nelson Dingo DOTDTV
Tucker Ford DOTDTV

USS Colony

Bella Alexandria DOTDTV
Edgar Lynch DOTDTV
Wyatt Rhodes DOTDTV

US Military

Will Hagen DOTDTV
Sean Franklin DOTDTV
Dorian Langston DOTDTV
Tyson Jackson DOTDTV
Ty Harrell DOTDTV
Reed Vaughn DOTDTV
Kelly Gacy DOTDTV
Glenn Cohan DOTDTV

Bates Family

Doug Bates DOTDTV
Troyer Bates DOTDTV

Russian Gang

Mac Greene DOTDTV
Markos Kiev DOTDTV
Skyler Romanov DOTDTV
Arvo Hans DOTDTV

Tyler's Group

Tyler Carlston DOTDTV
Yusuke Lings DOTDTV
Paul Randall DOTDTV

Crandall Family

Robert Crandall DOTDTV
Lia Crandall DOTDTV
Conner Crandall DOTDTV

Moscow Airport Community Outskirts

Lee Family

Jimmy Lee DOTDTV
Billy Lee DOTDTV

Trailer Compound

Clint Duggins DOTDTV

Moscow Airport Community

Lisa Cooper DOTDTV
Benson Yakk DOTDTV
Josh Billman DOTDTV
Harold Brown DOTDTV
Lui Henderson DOTDTV
Taylor Grimes DOTDTV
Sasha Gates DOTDTV
Cody Terrent DOTDTV
Dane Lexington DOTDTV
Andrea Holton DOTDTV
Moses Wallace DOTDTV
Patty Garber DOTDTV
Alexis Sandoval DOTDTV
Jamie Luther DOTDTV

Tisch Family

Donald Tisch DOTDTV
Randy Tisch DOTDTV

Burton Family

Abby Burton DOTDTV

Helen's Family

Erica Parker DOTDTV
Jared Parker DOTDTV
Helen Parker DOTDTV

Gregory's Family

Annie Stevens DOTDTV
Linus Stevens DOTDTV

Captain Z's Manor

Troy Arnold DOTDTV
Derek Mayes DOTDTV

Joseph's Family

Joseph Li DOTDTV

Odin's Crew

Lucas Fitz DOTDTV
Sally Becker DOTDTV
Odin Ward DOTDTV
Liam Wright DOTDTV

Sewer Camp

Andy Sullivan DOTDTV

Highway Bandits

Emma Vaughn DOTDTV
Dan Suarez DOTDTV
Caleb Smith DOTDTV
Newton Nelson DOTDTV
Doug Denver DOTDTV
Derek Chase DOTDTV

Rodriguez Family

Benji Rodriguez DOTDTV

Medical Office Estates

Emily Gordon DOTDTV
Curtis Willis DOTDTV

Wellington Community

Marco Clems DOTDTV
Emily Radcliffe DOTDTV
Shawna Wilkos DOTDTV
Tonya Vincente DOTDTV

Wanston Family

Dirk Wanston DOTDTV
Jenna Wanston DOTDTV

Morales Family

Doug Morales DOTDTV
Haley Morales DOTDTV

Heikkila Safe-Zone

Kaylee Greene DOTDTV
Wade Frost DOTDTV
Calvin Murphy DOTDTV

Daniel's Family

Janice Heikkila DOTDTV
Daniel Heikkila DOTDTV

The Executioner's Cult

Elliot Nolan DOTDTV
Dwight O'Neill DOTDTV
Brent Joll DOTDTV

Central Slave Trade Community

Santiago's Bar Gang

Dereal Colony

Alvin Parks DOTDTV

Benton Harbor Outskirts Camp

Travis Boris DOTDTV
David Parker DOTDTV

Pablo's Crew

Rita Ross DOTDTV

Pablo's Family

Pablo Rogers DOTDTV
Annie Rogers DOTDTV

Fremont Colony

Johnny Sattory DOTDTV

Bunker Sanctuary

Joe Wheeler DOTDTV

Los Ceros

Chad Neil DOTDTV
Kit Doyle DOTDTV
Jim Langtry DOTDTV
Kate Bassett DOTDTV
Fred Hart DOTDTV
Jonas Espinosa DOTDTV

Arcine Family

Elfego Arcine DOTDTV
Em Arcine DOTDTV

The Lone Wolf Crew

Lui Calibre DOTDTV

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