Episode 1

"I am a survivor. I must not give up. I am Nathan DeVries. I must make a positive change in this world for everyone to know me."

Nathan says to himself as he hides in his college dorm as multiple zombies begins to hit on his door.

Nathan stares at the window.

Nathan breaks open the window, and as he gets onto the roof, he sees Alice Morgan staring down at the ground.

"What the hell is going on?"

Alice asks Nathan.

"I don't know, but you need to stick with me. We'll both survive this together."

Nathan says to Alice as she grabs his hand.

The two runs towards a food truck, and jumps on it, and gets down from the truck.

"Let's head to my car."

Alice says to Nathan as she pulls out her car keys.

The two runs towards her car, and sees the car catching on fire.

"Let's head into the forest, and try to head towards town."

Nathan says to Alice.


Alice says to Nathan just before they flee from their college.

Two weeks goes by as the zombie apocalypse begins to spread across the Earth.

Nathan shoots several zombies with his new silenced rifle as Alice is behind him.

"I think that we need to find a safe-zone as soon as we can."

Alice says to Nathan.

"I'm trying to find one."

Nathan says to Alice before three survivors walks towards them.

"Who are you all?"

Nathan asks the new survivors.

"I'm Daniel Cooper, and the two others are Sterling Ryan and Leon Campbell."

Daniel answers to Nathan.

"Come with me and my friend Alice. We're looking for a safe-zone to join."

Nathan says to the new survivors.

"I don't know if we can trust you two. You both might be some damn looters."

Leon says to Nathan and Alice.

"We're not some looters! We're only former college students trying to survive this damn new world!!!"

Alice yells at Leon.

"Watch your language around men, lady."

Leon says to Alice.

"Shut it, Leon."

Sterling says to Leon.

"We'll go with you both, but if you both try anything against us, we'll be forced to kill the two of you."

Daniel says to Nathan and Alice.


Nathan says to Daniel just before the five walk into the city of Chicago.

The sky becomes darker as the five resides in an abandoned hotel.

"Nothing will get back to normal. Hopefully, the CDC makes a cure for this zombie virus. You really got to shoot those zombies in the head like how it's showed on the zombie shows and movies."

Daniel says to the others.

"I used to be a fan of zombies shows and movies. Now.....I hate them. I want to find my family, but I'm too scared to find what's the truth about what's happening with them. My parents and most of my siblings are back at my hometown while my twin brother is in Ann Arbor, Michigan."

Nathan says to the others.

"I'm sure that your family are fine."

Sterling says to Nathan.

"You all are so nice to each other. Being mean and rude is the truth of survival."

Leon says to the others.

"Chill out, Leon. You still owe me."

Daniel says to Leon.

Leon sits down at the campfire.

"Were you mean before the apocalypse?"

Alice asks Leon.

"No, but I became mean and rude after I was forced to see my family be eaten by those damn zombies."

Leon answers to Alice.

"I'm sorry for your loss."

Alice says to Leon.

"Thank you."

Leon says to Alice.

The survivors goes to sleep.

The next morning, two survivors begins to enter the abandon hotel, and comes across the five group members sleeping.

Daniel wakes up, and pulls out his pistol.

"Wake up, everyone!!!"

Daniel yells for the others.

The four others wakes up to two men standing in front of them.

"Hello survivors. I'm Brian Doolins, and this is Todd Taggart. We're a part of a community called Roger's Community. We'd like for you all to join the community and help it grow."

Brian says to the survivors.

"We'll go."

Nathan says to Brian.

"You all better not try to kill us because we have two others outside the doors here."

Todd says to the survivors.

The two other survivors, Benji and Sturgess, walks into the hotel.

"We better hurry up. There's a horde heading our way."

Sturgess says to the others.

"Let's get moving."

Brian says to the others.

The survivors flees from the hotel, and comes across the horde.


Benji yells for the others.

The survivors runs down towards an alleyway, and they begin to gun down several zombies as they flee from the city.

A zombie grabs Todd's leg, and bites into it.


Todd yells for the others.

"Todd! No!!!"

Sturgess yells for Todd just as more zombies begins to surround Todd, and devour him.\

The survivors manages to flee from the city just as Sturgess begins to cry.

"Todd shouldn't have died back there."

Sturgess says to the others.

"We know, but we better be more safe out here now."

Benji says to Sturgess.

Brian begins to scout out the area.

"We're heading the wrong way, so we'll have to continue on foot, since Todd had the truck keys."

Brian says to the others.

"We can try to mess with the wires so we won't need the keys."

Nathan says to Brian.

"Alright. Sturgess, you do that while we secure the area."

Brian says to Nathan and Sturgess.

A zombie is revealed to be in the truck, and bites Sturgess in the face.

Sturgess begins to scream just before Sterling kills the zombie.

"What should we do?"

Alice asks the others before Leon kills Sturgess out of mercy.

"He wasn't going to survive. The infection would've killed him."

Leon says to the others just as the survivors begins to travel on foot.

The survivors comes across three more members of Roger's Community.

"Brian and Benji, Dave is being crushed by a machine. Help us get it off from him."

Erron says to Brian and Benji.

"Zombies coming from the woods!!!"

Leon yells for the others as Brian and Benji helps with Erron and Ryker.

The survivors begins to fend off the zombies as Brian, Benji, Erron, and Ryker manages to free Dave.

"I'm getting too weak."

Dave says to the others.

"This is not the time to give up."

Ryker says to Dave before a zombie tackles onto Dave, and begins to bite him in his neck.

Ryker shoots the zombie in the head, and kills Dave out of mercy.

"Roger is going to be pissed about losing three of his own men out here just to save some survivors."

Benji says to the others.

"Well, Sandra is waiting for me back at the community, since she finally accepting me as her boyfriend."

Ryker says to the others.

"How far are we?"

Daniel asks the others.

"We're getting close to it."

Erron answers to Daniel just as they come across two more scouts.

"Hey, TJ and Noah."

Ryker says to TJ and Noah.

"So, where's Dave, Sturgess, and Todd?"

TJ asks Ryker.


Ryker answers to TJ.

"Well, we lost a few people back at the community from several looters throwing molotavs at some of our guards. Stephen is lucky to not be killed."

Noah says to the others.

"Let's all head back. It's not safe out here today."

Brian says to the others just before they arrive at Roger's Community as Angela, Roger, and Quinton are near the gate.


  • Todd Taggart
  • Sturgess Reynolds
  • Dave Lautner
  • Several unnamed members of Roger's Community (Confirmed Fates)

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