Episode 10

Sally, TJ, and Brian looks as they're sitted in a line within a madeshift arena as Stewie walks towards them with a sawed off shotgun.

"Hello Everyone! I'm here to announce that you'll see the death of one of our enemies!!!"

Stewie yells at the survivors as the three prisoners looks up in horror.

Nathan and his fellow survivors arrives at the MacRoy Safe-Lands.

"Everyone. Get ready because we're going to save our friends from Stewie and his army."

Nathan says to the others just before they sneak over an unguarded portion of the walls.

Stewie begins to aim at Sally, and then begins to aim at Brian until he chooses TJ to be the victim, and he shoots TJ in the chest.


Sally yells for TJ.

Nathan and Dwight gets closer to the arena, and the two subdues two of the guards, and slits their throats.

Burt and Ben begins to snipe at Stewie and his bodyguards.

Sally and Brian breaks free as TJ begins to reanimate.

Noah comes across a zombified TJ, and as he's aim at TJ, Evan shoots Noah in the neck, and puts TJ down.

Noah aims at Evan, but Raekwon shoots Noah in the head.

Joseph looks in horror as he's behind Raekwon.


Joseph says to Raekwon.

Raekwon shoots Joseph in the head.

Nathan and the others watches in shock as Raekwon betrays the group.

"Let's get out of here...."

Brian says to the others.

Nathan and his remaining members of his group escapes from the MacRoy Safe-Lands, and arrives at a shack.

The survivors begins to unpack their supplies just as an RV arrives at the shack.

Nathan, Dwight, Sally, Burt, and Ben aims at the RV just as Greg, Johnathan, Ramirez, and Alicia walks out with their hands up.

"You all better not be some of the goons from the MacRoy Safe-Lands."

Nathan says to the survivors.

"We're not goons. We're members of the Reed Safe-Zone. My father is the one in charge of it."

Alicia says to Nathan.

"I'd be damned....."

Carson says to himself as he exits from the RV as he spots Chase with the survivors.

Stewie looks as he's been shot in the eye.

Stewie becomes shocked, and blacks out.

Nathan and the others packs up their supplies, and enters the RV.

Dwight cautiously stares at Carson as the others unpacks their supplies in the RV.

"I still don't trust you."

Dwight says to Carson.

"Then leave us then."

Johnathan says to Dwight.

Dwight grabs his supplies, and exits from the RV.

The RV survivors drives away from Dwight, and arrives at the Reed Safe-Zone.

Dwight returns to his old hospital base.

Dwight hears noises as he enters the hospital.


  • TJ Adkins (Alive and Zombified)
  • Noah Kilos
  • Joseph Casler
  • Several unnamed MacRoy Safe-Lands guards

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