Episode 15

Nathan gets onto his new motorcycle, and drives to his hometown of Muskegon.

Alice sits in her and Nathan's house as Sally and Ben arrives.

"How's Chase's progress?"

Alice asks Sally and Ben.

"He's 25% done."

Sally answers to Alice.

"How long was it for him?"

Alice asks Sally.

"He said that the process was started since the apocalypse began."

Sally answers to Alice.

Nathan drives to his family's home, and sees several burnt bodies outside his home as graffiti is seen on the home.

Nathan exits from his motorcycle, and throws his helmet down onto the ground, and sits on the ground, crying.

Nathan looks as several zombies arrives.

Nathan pulls out his knife, and brutally kills the zombies just before he investigates the house.

Chris and Terrence exits from their car.

"Hopefully, we find Stewie out here."

Terrence says to Chris.

Chris looks as he hears some branches break nearby.

Chris pulls out his katana as Terrence aims his rifle at the trees.

Chris yells for whoever is there to exit from cover.

Raul exits from cover.

"You both are stilling looking for Stewie?"

Raul asks Chris and Terrence.

Frank sits on the front porch of his house as he stares at the library that used to be Carson and Emily's old mansion.

"I should step up, and train most of the people to be assets."

Frank says to himself.

Rex, Melody, Sullivan, and the other gang members arrives.

"Bring us your leader!!!"

Rex yells at the survivors.

Alice, Sally, Ben, and several others arrives at the main gates, and aims at them.

"He's on a solo quest right now."

Sally says to Rex.


Rex says to Sally.

"I have papers to prove it."

Alice says to Rex.

"None of your members better not shoot her when she brings the papers to you all."

Ben says to the bandits.

"I'll make sure my fellow comrads don't try anything."

Sullivan says to Ben.

Melody slaps Sullivan in the face before storming off.

Sullivan follows Melody just as Alice walks up to Rex.

Rex grabs Alice's arm.

"I'll need a living sex toy, you know."

Rex says to Alice before Wesley knocked out Rex.

Sullivan and Melody turns around as several MacRoy Safe-Lands soldiers begins to protect the Reed Safe-Zone.

Sullivan and Melody runs into the Reed Safe-Zone alongside Alice.

Ben tackles Sullivan as Sally tackles Melody.

"We can't trust you both."

Alice says to Sullivan and Melody.

"Let us prove that we'll help out."

Sullivan and Melody says to Alice just as Wesley arrives inside.

"We took care of the problem."

Wesley says to the survivors.

"Thanks, Wesley."

Alice says to Wesley, who immediately leaves.

Nathan arrives at the front door, and looks as it's locked.

Nathan proceeds to kicking down the door, and sees a sleeping gang member laying down on the couch.

Nathan runs up to the sleeping gang member, and begins to repeatedly punch him in the face.

Nathan looks as the gang member begins to plea, and hears him saying that the bodies were that of zombified survivors.

Nathan pulls out his knife, and stabs the gang member in the head just as another enters the living room.

Nathan puts away his knife, and pulls out his revolver.

Nathan shoots the second gang member in the head.

Nathan walks up to the nearby table, and sees that the two men were members of the Muskegon Bandit Army.


Nathan says to himself.

Wesley looks as Rex is locked up in the MacRoy Safe-Lands prison.


  • Several unnamed members of Rex's Gang
  • Two unnamed members of the Muskegon Bandit Army

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