Episode 16

Nathan walks to his old bedroom, and discovers a wild wolf feasting on a carcass of a dead rabbit.

"Good animal. I'm just walking by. Keep eating."

Nathan says to the animal.

The wolf begins to growl at Nathan as it gets into a defensive stance.

Nathan aims his revolver at the wolf before it jumps out the window, and gets away.

Nathan looks as a bear is behind him.


Nathan yells at himself as he flees away from the bear.

Chris, Terrence, and Raul gets further into the forest.

"Everyone, stay careful. Stewie might try to suprise us, and try to kill us."

Chris says to Terrence and Raul.

Raul begins to panic before running away as zombies arrive.

"Raul! Get back here!!!"

Terrence yells at Raul.


Terrence yells at himself as he and Chris are surrounded by zombies.

Nathan crawls under a destroyed car, and looks as the bear begins to pulls out the corpse of one of the gang members, and watches in disgust as it begins to devour on the corpse.

Wesley walks to his house, and sees Hall sitting on the nearby bench.

"Hall, you should get some rest."

Wesley says to Hall.

"I want to give up on living. I miss mom so much, dad."

Hall says to Wesley.

"Don't give up. Your mother would be ashamed of you for you saying that. Get in the house now!!!"

Wesley yells at Hall.

Hall reluctantly enters the house.

Chris and Terrence begins to kill the zombies just as they hear a gunshot.

Nathan looks as a man walks towards the bear, and torches it with a flamethrower.

The man walks towards Nathan, and pulls him from under the car.

"I'm Negan, and you've killed two of my men, asshole."

Negan says to Nathan before knocking him out.


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