Episode 17

Frank sits in Nathan and Alice's house with Sally and Ben.

"So Nathan hasn't returned yet...."

Frank says to the others.

Alice walks in.

"He's not the only person missing. Chris, Terrence, and Raul are also missing."

Alice says to Frank.

"Who were those three going after?"

Ben asks Alice.

"Stewie MacRoy."

Alice answers to Ben.

"Do you want me and Ben to go out there to search for everyone missing?"

Sally asks Alice.

"No. Everyone stays here until they return."

Alice answers to Sally just as Chris carries a wounded Terrence.

"He was shot."

Chris says to Alice.

"Where's Raul?"

Alice asks Chris.

"He abandoned us as zombie began to surround us."

Chris answers to Alice.

"So....Nathan's the person that we're waiting for."

Frank says to the others.

Nathan flees from Muskegon, bloodied from a fist fight with Negan.

Nathan pulls out his walkie talkie.

Alice hears something on the walkie talkie.

"Alice, I got attacked at my old childhood home. Bandits murdered my family, but my brother that's at another college isn't here. There's enemies here called the Muskegon Bandit Army. I nearly died today. I don't know if I can travel for a while. Please send someone out to get me."

Nathan radios to Alice.

"What are your wounds?"

Alice radios to Nathan.

The walkie talkie turns to silence.

Alice begins to cry.

Sally and Ben packs up, and goes out to look for Nathan.

A man in the woods holds on his sniper rifle, and walks out of the woods, and the man is revealed to be Stewie.

"Though I've shot that man, there were witnesses to my action. That means that the man must die."

Stewie says to himself just as he spots Sally and Ben driving past him.

"Looks like my job isn't over."

Stewie says to himself just as he aims at the car, and shoots out one of it's tires.

The car flips over, and then catches on fire.

Stewie smirks as the fire continues.

Sally looks as Ben was laying next to her, dead.

Sally grabs his rifle, and escapes from the wreckage just before the car explodes.

Nathan limps as he gets close to the safe-zone, and spots an injured Sally.


Nathan says to Sally before passing out.

Sally spots Nathan, and helps him out.

Stewie confronts the two.

"Don't leave! It's time for you both to die!!!"

Stewie yells at Nathan and Sally just as he aims at them.

Wesley shoots Stewie in the back in defense of Nathan and Sally.

"Come with me. I'll bring you both to safety."

Wesley says to the two just before a zombie grabs him, and bites him in the face.

Wesley begins to scream just as Stewie manages to flee as Hall arrives.


Hall yells for Wesley as Sally and Nathan leaves for Reed Safe-Zone.

Hall begins to get surrounded, and devoured.

Stewie runs around, and comes across Sally and Nathan again, but with Nathan being awake.

Nathan points his revolver at Stewie, and shoots him in the head.

Chase exits from his house with a package of vials as he walks up to Alice.

"These aren't permanent cures, but curing antigens. Inject this into yourself within 24 hours of the bite, and it'll kill the zombie virus, but you could still get bite, and have the zombie virus again."

Chase says to Alice as Sally and Nathan returns injured.

"Ben is dead."

Sally says to Alice.

"I killed Stewie, but Wesley and Hall of the MacRoy Safe-Lands are dead."

Nathan says to Alice.


  • Ben Ellis
  • Wesley Bennett
  • Hall Bennett
  • Stewie MacRoy

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