Episode 19

Nathan and the others brings a tied-up Archer to a warehouse, and hears a man crying.

"Frank, check out the source."

Nathan says to Frank.

Frank walks to the source, and a man with a large blunt weapon hits Frank in the head with it.


Melody yells for Frank as Nathan, Riley, Chance, and Alice aims at the man as Chris carefully watches Archer.

"Leave me alone. I'm Chester Seely. I've lost my family recently, and I'll kill your friend if you try anything."

Chester says to the others before Nathan shoots him in the head.

Alice walks up to Frank, and as she gets him up, he's revealed to be a zombie.

Alice pulls out a switchblade, and puts down the zombified Frank.

"We should leave soon. The General might come out."

Riley says to the others.

Nathan aims his pistol at Archer's head.

"I'm sorry, but this isn't personal."

Nathan says to Archer before executing him.

Riley and Chance knocks out Melody and Chris, and runs away.


Nathan yells at Riley and Chance.

Alice looks at Nathan.

"We'll be here longer now."

Nathan says to Alice just as they drag Melody and Chris to safe grounds.

The four rests inside of a church as a pastor brings them food.

"Welcome to my church."

Charles says to the survivors as they wake up.


  • Chester Seely
  • Frank Lloyd
  • Archer Glenns

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