Episode 20

Negan looks as Rex and the others begins to get prepared for battle.

Sally and Terrence looks as Chase leaves his lab reports in his office as he grabs a gun.

"You can't fight the battle. We need you to be safe."

Sally and Terrence says to Chase.

"There's no safety unless we all fight the common enemy. I'm not only a scientist, but also a great strategist for battles. I've researched information about many important life histories, including the Three Kingdoms of China in early 200 AD, the battles for reunification. There was a great strategist during that time. Today, I believe that I'm the greatest strategist that's alive. My words and plans will keep everyone in safety and in line. The threat will die from my plans."

Chase says to Sally and Terrence.

"Terrence, stay with Chase at all times."

Sally says to Terrence.

"I'll watch him at all times."

Terrence says to Sally as he and Chase leaves the safe-zone.

Sally gathers Chase's lab reports, and brings all of the remaining antigens and lab equipment into a RV.

"I'll learn how to make antigens with Chase's lab reports."

Sally says to herself.

The survivors looks as Sally drives away in the RV.

Chase and Terrence looks back in shock.

"What the fuck?"

Chase asks Terrence before Rex snipes Chase in the head.

Terrence looks at Chase in horror.

"Fuck us...."

Terrence says to himself before getting gunned down by several members of the Muskegon Bandit Army.

Sullivan wakes up in the RV as Sally is driving.


Sullivan asks Sally.

"It's me."

Sally answers to Sullivan.

Sally stops the RV, and looks back as she realizes that Chase, Terrence, and the others are dead.

Sullivan exits from the RV, and looks as Sally is crying.

"We need to go now!!!"

Sally yells for Sullivan.

The two drives away as Rex and several bandits begins to shoot at it.

Rex walks back to Chase's corpse as Negan picks up Chase's tag.

"You've killed the savior of humanity. He was to make a cure. You've failed the main mission."

Negan says to Rex before shooting him in the head.

"Everyone, return to base with all of the supplies. Elect a new leader. I'm not returning."

Negan says to his fellow members before walking away.

Riley and Chance looks as several guards begins to walk out.

"We'll need to destroy that main gate."

Riley says to Chance.

"It'll be too risky right now."

Chance says to Riley.

"I'd agree with you."

Nathan says to Chance before attacking the two.

"You've hurt two of my friends. Give me some reasons why I should spare your lives."

Nathan says to Riley and Chance.

Sally arrives.

"Sullivan has the others in the RV. Chase and the rest of our people are dead to the Muskegon Bandit Army. We need numbers, and they seem skilled to join us. I have Chase's lab reports and equipments."

Sally says to Nathan.

Nathan sits on the ground.

"I've lost so much now. I've failed my duty as a leader."

Nathan says to Sally.

"Don't give up. You're still alive."

Sally says to Nathan.

Nathan gets up, and the four survivors arrives at the RV.

The remaining members of Nathan's Group leaves DC, and camps in Richmond.

Negan grows out a beard, and stops looking at the mirror, and looks upon his recent killed victim, Raul.

"The survivors killed one of my men, and I executed another."

Negan says to himself before leaving a wooden shack in the forest.

Nathan and the others arrives at a mall, and begins to move into it.

"Check around for anything."

Nathan says to the others.

As they travel farther into the mall, they come across a small group of survivors camping inside of the mall.

The leader walks towards them with an assault rifle and a nametag saying Carth Martinez.

"Welcome to the group. While you're here, don't try anything stupid and you'll live to another day. By the way, we don't accept freeloaders here. No dead weight either."

Carth says the survivors.

"By the way, we've lost our whole group to a bandit army. I'd mind that you're talking to some of the most powerful survivors you'll know."

Nathan says to Carth.

"Then who are you?"

Carth asks Nathan.

"My name is Nathan DeVries, and I'm the man who's going to face against the NWO Colony eventually."

Nathan answers to Carth.

"I've heard about you. You have a scientist named Chase. He's here, right?"

Carth asks Nathan.

"He was killed by the bandit army that took over our old community. We have all of his reports and equipment."

Nathan answers to Carth.

"I'll claim your stuff as a part of my group's equipment. We'll make the cure, and you'll take the credit. You'll owe us by giving us all of your weapons if you want to stay here."

Carth says to Nathan.

"You better know when to back off before you die."

Sally says to Carth as she aims her sniper rifle at his head.

"You all win. I'll let you take the lead, Nathan. I'm sorry."

Carth says to Nathan.

The survivor unpacks their supplies, and resides in the mall.

1 year later.

The General gets onto a helicopter, and goes enroute to the recent crash sight at the abandoned Reed Safe-Zone.

The General looks as he spots the survivors of the crash.

"They all survived."

The General says to the others.

The General has the plane land, and checks up on the others just as he sees a picture of a known survivor.

The General looks as an ID Card lays next to the photo.

"Nathan DeVries was here?"

The General asks himself.

Nathan lays on a bed within one of the madeshift rooms of the former mall turned community, and begins to have a flashback.

2 years before the apocalypse.

Nathan looks as he unpacks from his room in the dorm.

Nathan enters the hallway, and sees Alice giggling with some of her friends.

Nathan goes to class, and begins to get bullied by a man.

"You should quit trying to get at Alice. She's my bitch."

Bud says to Nathan.

"She's not a bitch. She's a lady, so watch it."

Nathan says to Bud.

"Nathan and Bud, sit down."

Max says to Nathan and Bud.

Nathan goes to his seat until Bud charges at Bud, and punches him in the face.

"Get off from me!!!"

Nathan yells at Bud before kicking him in the face.

A school officer stops Bud from further attacking Nathan/

Nathan arrives at the principal's office.

"What's the matter with you fighting Bud now?"

Terry asks Nathan.

"I don't like it when a woman is called a bitch. A woman's a woman, not a bitch."

Nathan answers to Terry.

"I guess that you're not getting punished, since he attacked you first. The next time you get in trouble, I'll have you suspended."

Terry says to Nathan.

Nathan heads to the cafeteria, and people begin to stare at Nathan.

"Come sit with us."

Frankie says to Nathan.

Nathan looks as Frankie sits with two others.

"Why don't people hang out with you three?"

Nathan asks the three.

"We kick them away from us. We're not into them, because we are the toughest jocks. You got some balls to face Bud. He's the biggest bully on campus. His father is the a part of the college's board of education. We want you to hang out with us, and we'll give you the ladies you'll always want."

Frankie answers to Nathan.

"Besides, we're bodyguards to some of the nerds. We just get paid from them all the time. Maybe someone will pay you for protection."

Neil says to Nathan.

"We could use another man in our group."

Nicholas says to Nathan.


Nathan says to Nicholas.

A man arrives at the table.

"I'm back from my vacation."

Sterling says to the others.

Nathan looks as Alice hangs out with Allison, Erica, and Naomi.

Current Time.

Nathan wakes up to a zombie about to attack him.

Nathan pulls out a knife, and stabs the zombie in the head.

Nathan begins to hear the alarms go off.


  • Chase Black
  • Terrence Laude
  • Rex Eastwood
  • Raul Tanis (Confirmed Fate)
  • Numerous unnamed Reed Safe-Zone survivors and guards
  • An unnamed member of the Muskegon Bandit Army (Confirmed Fate)

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