Episode 23

Bud begins to gun down several other community members as Charles, Alice, Melody, Sullivan, Negan, and Chris are held as hostages.

"I want my duties to be done! Give me all of your supplies or bring Nathan DeVries to me!!!"

Bud yells at the survivors.

"You ain't gonna hurt Nathan!!!"

Melody yells at Bud.

Bud pulls out his revolver, and shoots Melody in the chest, and shoots Sullivan in the neck.

"Now give me your supplies or you all die!!!"

Bud yells at the survivors.

Alice tends to Melody's wound as Chris hands Bud some of the false supplies.

Bud leaves the community just as Nathan and the others arrives.

Sally looks in horror as she finds Melody wounded and Sullivan mortally wounded.

Chris kills Sullivan out of mercy.

"Tell me about that old enemy of yours. Bud is his name."

Chris says to Nathan before tackling him.

"Who attacked?"

Sally asks Chris as she throws him off from Nathan.

"Bud, who was Alice's old boyfriend and Nathan's old enemy from before the apocalypse."

Chris answers to Sally.

Nathan looks at Sally.

"He's a bandit. Let's leave before he returns."

Charles says to the others.

"Me and Sally will stay here. We'll fend him off if he and his gang returns."

Melody says to Charles.

Nathan looks at Sally.

"I want to be with Melody. She's my lover now. You have the group and your girlfriend to watch over. Be safe out there."

Sally says to Nathan.

Nathan cries as he hugs Sally.

"Stay safe here."

Nathan says to Sally.

Alice begins to cry.

"We've made it this far for us to go our seperate ways. I'm seriously am going to miss you."

Alice says to Sally.

The survivors leaves Sally and Melody behind.

Sally smiles at Melody before patching her wounds up, and Sally kisses Melody on the forehead.

Nathan and the others discovers Riley and Chance's corpses near the community.

"Bud and his gang killed them."

Chris says to Nathan.

Nathan stares at Negan.

"Why are you with us?"

Nathan asks Negan.

"I want to redeem myself."

Negan answers to Nathan.

Sally looks up at the sun as it gets dark outside alongside Melody on the roof of the mall.

The two looks as a helicopter flies.

Nathan and the others looks up at the helicopter as it flies into the inner city of Arlington.

14 days later.

Nathan and the others arrives at the outskirts of an old popular city before the apocalypse.

"So we're in NYC?"

Naomi asks the others.


Frankie answers to Naomi.

A man riding a horse rides towards them.

"State your business in the outskirts of my group's community."

Harrison asks the survivors.

Two more survivors arrives.

"They seem friendly."

Adrianna says to Harrison.

"I agree. Let's take them in."

Isham says to Adrianna.

The survivors follows the three to their community, the NY City Safe-Zone.


  • Sullivan Martinez
  • Riley Danes (Confirmed Fate)
  • Chance Lopez (Confirmed Fate)
  • Several unnamed Richmond Mall Community survivors

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