Episode 28

Negan brings Bud to the Reed Safe-Zone, and discovers several living survivors within it.

"Looks like you left some survivors alive."

Bud says to Negan.

Negan carries the handcuffed Bud into the Reed Safe-Zone.

A guard recognizes Negan, and aims at him.

"You've came to finish us off?"

Felipe asks Negan.

"I'm not a bad guy anymore."

Negan answers to Felipe.

"I call that bullshit."

Abigail says to Negan.

"Let him in."

Alicia says to Felipe and Abigail.

The gates opens, and Alicia and her boyfriend, Harry, stands in shock.

"This is my prisoner; Bud. He tried to murder me, Chris, Alice, and several others. He killed Sullivan."

Negan says to Alicia.

"Me and my daughter used to be in your bandit army until Harry, Paul, and several remaining members of the Reed Safe-Zone kill most of them, and brought all of the remaining members here. Now, I'm the person in charge."

Alicia says to Negan as Harry lowers his rifle.

Paul walks up to Harry.

"Harry, can you help me out?"

Paul asks Harry.


Harry answers to Paul.

Alicia looks as Marissa sits on the front steps of the Safe-zone's school.

Nathan sits on top of his house's roof along Alice.

"Alice, will you marry me?"

Nathan asks Alice as he pulls out an engagement ring.

Alice smiles at Nathan.

"Yes. I will."

Alice answers to Nathan.

The two hugs each other as Sally sits in her room, smoking some meth.

Chris walks in.

"Sally, cut it out! We can't get all high anymore. We need to defend the place, not get high and shit like that!!!"

Chris yells at Sally.

"I want to die! That's what I want now. I want to go to heaven! I miss Melody! I miss my parents! I miss my younger brother! I miss my childhood best friend! I miss the past! I miss the fun!!!"

Sally yells at Chris before pulling out her knife.

"Tell the others that I was bitten, and I had to put myself down."

Sally says to Chris before stabbing herself in the head, committing suicide.

"Sally! Fuck! No!!!"

Chris yells for Sally as her corpse falls to the ground.

Chris stands in the room, shocked and saddened.

Chris picks up Sally's corpse, and brings it outside.

Nathan and Alice notices Chris carrying Sally's corpse out to the madeshift graveyard.

"I knew that she was going to eventually commit suicide. I've secretly read her diaries while she was asleep."

Nathan says to Alice.

Negan exits from the Reed Safe-Zone, and drives away while Bud is chained to the passenger seat.

"Time to head to Nathan's home."

Negan says to Bud.

Bud breaks free, and pulls out his secret knife, and stabs Negan in the neck.

"Nobody can hold me as a hostage. I shall stalk Nathan and the others without a problem."

Bud says to Negan as he struggles to breath.

Bud stabs Negan in the head before exiting from the car.


  • Sally Cals
  • Negan Marks
  • Numerous unnamed members of the Muskegon Bandit Army (Confirmed Fates)

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