Episode 29

Nathan and the others begins to have the funeral of Sally as Bud sneaks into the walled community.

Frankie turns around, and spots Bud. 

"Shit! Bud's....."

Frankie says to the others before getting shot in the head by Bud.

Naomi gets up, and goes for her rifle, but Bud shoots her in the head.

"Everyone, sit down."

Bud says to the others.

"Fuck you, Bud."

Nicholas says to Bud.

"You're a coward."

Erica says to Bud.

"So name-calling will stop me...."

Bud says to himself before shooting Nicholas and Erica in their heads.

"Stop, Bud."

Chris says to Bud.

Bud snatches Chris' katana, and impales it through his chest.

Allison quickly gets up, and grabs her rifle, and shoots Bud in the shoulder.

Alice and Sterling grabs the dying Chris as Nathan pulls out his revolver, and aims it at Bud's head.

"Fuck you, Nathan."

Bud says to Nathan before Nathan shoots Bud in the head.

Isham kills Chris out of mercy, and pulls out Chris' katana from his corpse, and equips the katana as his own.

"Everyone, we'll be leaving."

Nathan says to the others.

"Me and Allison will be heading our own way."

Sterling says to Nathan as he begins to pulls out his pistol.

Sterling aims at Nathan as Allison stands behind Sterling.

Alice shoots Sterling in the head as Harrison shoots Allison in the stomach.

Allison escapes into the forest.

"She won't survive out there."

Harrison says to the others.

Two men watches for afar as Nathan and the others begins to drive away.

"Lewis, contact the others."

Bidwell says to Lewis.

Lewis pulls out his walkie talkie.

"Guys, make the blockade."

Lewis radios to the others.


  • Frankie Washington
  • Naomi Hillsburg
  • Nicholas Langston
  • Erica Wilkinson
  • Bud Wells
  • Chris Wayans
  • Sterling Hilton

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