Episode 3

Nathan begins to sweat as he's digging several graves alongside TJ, Benji, Ryker, and Brian.

Daniel sits in the newcomers' house as Alice and Sterling walks up to him.

"We know how much you liked Leon, but he went crazy, and he needed to get put down. You'll need to understand that before being upset about it."

Alice says to Daniel.

"I'm upset about something else."

Daniel says to Alice.

"Then what are you upset about?"

Sterling asks Daniel.

"I fear that a greater foe will kill all of us."

Daniel answers to Sterling.

Few days goes by as zombies begin to form a larger group of zombies just as Nathan and his crew begins to struggle more.

Roger sits in his office, worrying about the rise of the zombies outside the walls.

"May god protect me and my people."

Roger says to himself.

Daniel and several others begins to kill the zombies just as Nathan and his crew eventually returns from another consecutive failed scavenge run.


TJ asks Nathan.


Nathan answers to TJ.

Nathan walks to his new house, and as he goes to his couch, Noah is revealed to have sneaked into Nathan's house.

"Nathan, why don't you just give up as the head leader of the scavenging crew?"

Noah asks Nathan just as he reloads his revolver.

"I'm at least not getting people killed."

Nathan answers to Noah before Noah pulls the trigger, but misses the shot.

Nathan tackles Noah, and begins to punch him in the face just as Roger, Lia, Burt, Susan, and several others arrives at Nathan's house.

Noah kicks Nathan off from him, and kicks him out of his window.

Noah rushes outside, and aims his revolver at Nathan.

"Drop your weapon!!!"

Burt yells at Noah.


Noah asks Burt before Nathan knocks Noah out with a single punch to the face.

"Nathan, are you alright?"

Roger asks Nathan just as Burt and several others grabs Noah.

"I'm fine, but spare Noah from any death, since he's off from my crew now."

Nathan answers to Roger.

"We'll spare him from death."

Roger says to Nathan.

Daniel goes on a solo scavenging run just as Benji and TJ are revealed to be following him alongside Ryker.

"Why are you all following me?"

Daniel asks the others.

"We'll never leave one of our own out here to scavenge on their own."

TJ answers to Daniel.

Nathan finds out that Daniel, TJ, Benji, and Ryker are missing.

Nathan runs up to Sandra.

"Where's Daniel, TJ, Benji, and Ryker?"

Nathan asks Sandra.

"They're on a small scavenging run."

Sandra answers to Nathan.

"You weren't supposed to let them go, but they're on their own out there. Any of them dies, and I'll remove you from the crew."

Nathan says to Sandra.

"Nathan's right, Sandra."

Sally says to Sandra as she arrives.

Bryan walks up to Sally.

"Sally, I'm going to do a dangerous plan that I could possibly die from. Here's my combination to my safe in my room."

Bryan says to Sally just before the two hug each other.

"Who's going with you?"

Sandra asks Bryan.

"Burt, Sterling, Angela, Ben, and Nate."

Bryan answers to Sandra.

Daniel and the others arrives at a hospital just as two armed men exits from the hospital with riot gear on themselves.

"Those are two members of the Hospital Gang. Maybe we should take them out, and question them."

Ryker says to the others.


Daniel says to Ryker.

Ryker begins to distract the two men just as Daniel and TJ knocks the two men out.

Benji looks at the men's nametags, and their names are revealed.

"So Joseph and Sylvester are these men's names."

Benji says to the others.

The survivors brings the two men to a nearby abandoned train cart.

Joseph and Sylvester wakes up.

"Who are you all?"

Joseph asks the survivors.

"We aren't telling you until you tell us how many more of your men are still in the hospital."

Daniel answers to Joseph.

"Well.....fuck you then, asshole."

Sylvester says to Daniel just before he begins to laugh.

Daniel pulls out a dagger, and slits Sylvester's throat, and points the dagger at Joseph's head.

"Fuck! Fine! I'll tell you how many are left in there."

Joseph says to Daniel.

"Then tell us, dammit."

TJ says to Joseph.

"There's three left in there. The big boss, Lee; His son, Dwight; The second-in-command, Leevi. I'll join your group to take them down."

Joseph says to the survivors.

"You aren't joining us. Go flee somewhere."

Daniel says to Joseph before freeing him.

"TJ, be the sniper support, and kill Joseph if he comes anywhere close to the hospital."

Daniel says to TJ.

Daniel, Benji, and Ryker begins to head towards the hospital just before Leevi charges out of the hospital, and shoots at the three before TJ snipes Leevi in the head.


Dwight yells for Leevi before Lee begins to pull him back from the entrance just as Daniel, Benji, and Ryker enters the hospital.

"Lee, time to surrender. This hospital isn't yours anymore."

Daniel says to Lee.

"Fuck you..."

Lee says to Daniel before Ryker accidentally shoots Lee in the head out of fear.


Dwight yells for Lee just before Daniel knocks him out. Ryker begins to back up just as TJ arrives inside.

"Ryker, what did you do?"

TJ asks Ryker as Ryker begins to back up from everyone just before a zombie grabs him, and bites him in the neck.

TJ shoots Ryker in the head out of mercy as Daniel and Benji carries a knocked out Dwight to the train cart as TJ sees a flare gunshot is seen up in the air.

"Let's go to the flare gunshot destination."

TJ says to the others.

Sterling and the others begins to advance towards a roadside abandoned outhouse on the side of the main road towards the community.

"What's the plan?"

Ben asks Bryan.

"Me and Angela will place the time bombs at each position that Roger wants them at."

Bryan answers to Ben.

"I could try to play bait for the zombies to chase after me while you all gun down the zombies, and throw the timebombs at them."

Ben says to Bryan.

"Fuck! We better think of a plan fast!!!"

Nate yells for the others as the mega zombie herd arrives.

Ben begins to play as running bait just as Angela is forced to deal with Ben's choice.

As Ben is leading the zombies in a certain direction, several zombies begins to come onto the road from behind the survivors.

A zombie grabs, and bites Bryan in the back of his neck as Nate is getting devoured by zombies.

Burt and Angela begins to retreat as Sterling finds Ben stumbling as he's leading the herd away.

Sterling tackles Ben as the zombies becomes unaware of Ben or Sterling's presence.

Sterling and Ben gets up as they're in the woods.

"Why did you save me?"

Ben asks Sterling.

"Your mother and Burt were retreating as Bryan and Nate were getting killed by zombies. I had to save you."

Sterling answers to Ben.

Daniel and the others arrives at the FEMA Clinic as Joseph is revealed to be at the clinic.

Two men stands near Joseph with assault rifles.

"Come inside."

Chase says to the survivors as Alex and Joseph are the first to enter as Chase shuts the door on multiple zombies, who arrived.

Nathan looks as Angela and Burt returns.

"Where's the others?"

Nathan asks Angela and Burt.

Before they could answer, Sterling and Ben returns to the community safely.

Sally runs up to the others.

"Where's my dad?"

Sally asks the others.

"He's dead alongside Nate."

Sterling answers to Sally.

Sally begins to cry as Ben begins to comfort her.

Roger walks to his house as Noah walks up to Roger.

"Beware of what I could do."

Noah says to Roger before walking away.

A man begins to stalk Roger's Community as he has a modified sniper rifle.

The man's identity is revealed to be Owen Winsley just as he takes aim at the survivors on his scope.


  • Sylvester Chandler
  • Leevi Thompson
  • Lee Horseman
  • Ryker Lucas
  • Bryan Cals
  • Nate Herrings

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