Episode 35

Nathan watches over Carley as she sleeps.

Dane and Emma sits in the college's main entrance lobby as Chase repairs a damaged computer.

"What's the use of that damn computer once you fix it?"

Dane asks Chase.

"Since there's internet and electricity access here, I could try to find some contacts outside of here."

Chase answers to Dane.

Isham begins to work on the cure as Samantha and Morris walks in.

"What's this?"

Morris asks Isham.

"Nathan's hidden agenda; The Cure-Creator. He told me once about a FEMA Scientist who used this thing until he and several other retrieved it after the scientist was murdered by a hostile army."

Isham answers to Morris.

Bidwell overhears Isham.

"If Nathan told everyone at our old base, nobody would've died. If Nathan told everyone he came across about his device, no deaths would've occured and peace would be across the earth."

Bidwell says to Isham.

"Nathan's smart to not tell everyone, as they'd kill him, and ruin this device or even use it for a worse purpose. If you want to interfere with this, I'll personally kill you and anyone who faces the path of the cure."

Isham says to Bidwell.

"I'm siding with you, Isham. Let's cure this virus."

Bidwell says to Isham.

Chase fixes up the computer, and begins to look on the media pages, and discover a second nearby signal at a place close nearby; the Downtown Muskegon Correctional Facility.

"Someone's still alive at the prison downtown. There's a signal there."

Chase says to Dane and Emma.

Nathan sits down, and looks at Carley as Ellie walks in with a plate of food.

"How is she?"

Ellie asks Nathan.

"I believe that she's fine."

Nathan says to Ellie.

Ellie pepper sprays Nathan, and brings Carley away.

Nathan looks as Ellie and Carley drives away.

Nathan cries before Dane and Emma walks towards him.

"They'll return soon. Just gotta wait, brother."

Emma says to Nathan.


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