Episode 36

Nathan sits in his room as he looks at the pictures of some of his former members of his group.

Emma sits down next to Nathan.

"Miss them?"

Emma asks Nathan.


Nathan answers to Emma.

Morris and Bidwell walks up to Chase and Dane.

"Find anyone outside of here?"

Bidwell asks Chase.

"Yes. There's a signal at the prison in downtown Muskegon. A check-up radio call from a possibly prison guard or inmate."

Chase answers to Bidwell.

"It better be a good guy."

Morris says to Chase.

"I want to go there, but I'll need some helping hands. Samantha is going to be on guard, so how about you both come with me. I'm not asking, because Nathan wants some more hands around here to help out."

Dane says to Bidwell and Morris.

"We'll come."

Morris says to Dane.

Nathan looks as Emma gets up, and leaves Nathan alone in his room.

Nathan looks at a dollar bill on the ground.

"This dollar is what is left of the old world. Society may have died recently, but we should rebuild it, but it'll be hard. We must make the cure to help rebuild the government."

Nathan says to himself.

Dane, Bidwell, and Morris arrives in downtown Muskegon.

"So where's the prison at?"

Bidwell asks Dane.

Nathan walks down the stairs, and sees Samantha and Chase guarding the gates.

Nathan goes into the lab, and sees Isham working on the cure.

"So you found my set?"

Nathan asks Isham.


Isham answers to Nathan.

"I'll assist with making the cure."

Nathan says to Isham.

"Let me do it alone. It keeps my focused on this, and to have me forget about Adrianna and Harrison's deaths."

Isham says to Nathan.


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