Episode 4

Owen looks down at the Roger's Community as he checks his modified rifle for ammunition.

Owen looks behind himself, and sees 5 other members of his gang arriving stealthly.

"Everyone. We'll sneak into their walls, and we'll kill as many of them as we can."

Owen says to the others as they advance towards Roger's Community with their modified weapons.

Daniel looks at Joseph as Chase and Alex checks up on Dwight's vital signs.

"We'll be leaving here."

Daniel says to Chase and Alex just before Alex clicks a button on the wall.

"To prevent you all spoiling the secret about our current existence, you all will not leave until we make a cure."

Chase says to the survivors.

"You better let us out now!!!"

TJ yells at Chase.

"If you attempt to hurt me or Chase, we have turrets that will kill any of you in an instant."

Alex says to the survivors.

"Don't worry, because we won't attempt to hurt anyone."

Benji says to Alex.

Daniel has TJ, Benji, and Joseph follow him to a nearby office complex.

Daniel closes the door, and disables the camera within the office.

"What's the plan?"

TJ asks Daniel.

"We'll escape with Dwight joining us alongside Joseph."

Daniel answers to TJ.

"Why don't we have Chase and Alex join us?"

Benji asks Daniel.

"We might do that also."

Daniel answers to Benji.

Nathan sits in his house, and begins to hear noises outside of his house.

Nathan opens the door, and comes across three members of Owen's Gang.


Nathan yells for the others just before he retreats further into his house before Noah guns down the three gang members.

Noah enters Nathan's house.

"I got them for you."

Noah says to Nathan just as Nathan exits from cover.

Owen jumps into some of the bushes as the two remaining gang members are found and killed.

Owen realizes that he'll die either way, so he sneaks by the armory, and to his surprise, the door is unlocked.

Just as Owen enters the armory, he spooks Ben as he's counting his bullets in his backpack.

"Hands up!!!"

Owen yells at Ben.

Ben drops his backpack, and raises his hands.

"What do you want?"

Ben asks Owen.

"I want to kill everyone, and claim the earth as my own. Give me all of your weapons. Drive a vehicle to the armory, and I'll have a scope aimed at you, so don't try anything stupid."

Owen answers to Ben.

Ben exits from the armory just as Owen continues to aim at him.

Angela walks up to Ben, who is nervous.

"What's wrong?"

Angela asks Ben before spotting Owen.

Owen shoots at Ben, but the bullet hits Angela in the head.

"Mom! No!!!"

Ben yells for Angela as several others arrives at the scene.

Roger exits from his house.

"Everyone, return to your homes. As the leader of this community, I'm announcing that there will be an early curfew for everyone to return to their homes."

Roger says to the others before getting assassinated by Owen.

Sally grabs Angela's rifle, and snipes Owen in the head.

Sally walks up to Owen's corpse, and grabs his modified rifle, and hands Angela's rifle back to Ben.

"Keep it in rememberance of your mother."

Sally says to Ben as he sits by Angela's corpse.

Daniel, TJ, Benji, and Joseph is greeted in the sleeping quarters by Dwight, who woke up recently.

"I'll forgive you all if you find a way for all of us to escape from here."

Dwight says to the others.

"Don't worry. We have a plan already."

Daniel says to Dwight.

Burt looks as Susan and Devin begins to pack their belongings.

"Don't leave, Susan."

Burt says to Susan.

"We aren't safe anymore."

Susan says to Burt before having Devin enter the car.

"I'll come with you, Susan. We're a family."

Burt says to Susan.

"Me and Devin don't need you."

Susan says to Burt before entering the car, and Burt cries as Susan drives out of the community with Devin in the car.

Brian and Sandra walks up to Burt, and comforts him.

Chase and Alex looks as the survivors begins to plot an escape.

"We should just let them leave so we can continue the process of the cure."

Alex says to Chase.

"Maybe......we should leave with them."

Chase says to Alex.

"Are you crazy?"

Alex asks Chase.

"Maybe I am, but the cure isn't going to ever exist. Humanity is never returning to the life of the pre-apocalypse. Maybe, we're all doomed."

Chase answers to Alex.

"We're staying. You leave, humanity goes extinct."

Alex says to Chase.

"Humanity will eventually go to extinction."

Chase says to Alex.

"Your choice better be a good one."

Alex says to Chase before leaving him to make his own choice.


  • Angela Ellis
  • Roger Anderson
  • Owen Winsley
  • 5 unnamed members of Owen's Gang

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