Episode 40

Nathan, Alexis, and Nicole arrives at the college, and sees a wounded Morris laying outside of the gate.

"Nathan.....Sylvester brought back Emma's corpse......."

Morris says to Nathan before passing away.

Nathan notices the nearby casket.

Nathan walks up to the casket, and opens it up to seeing Emma's corpse with a gunshot wound to the head.

Nathan puts down Morris, and enters the college alongside Alexis and Nicole.

Nathan enters his room, and looks as Carley sits in the room.

Alexis and Nicole looks as Brittany is held as a prisoner.

"When can Brittany come back?"

Alexis asks Nathan.

"We're keeping her as our prisoner for now."

Nathan answers to Alexis.

Nathan looks as Isham and Dexter watches over a wounded Bidwell.

"How many of those killers where here?"

Nathan asks Bidwell.

"500 at least. They're going to attack tomorrow. We need to move onto somewhere safer."

Bidwell answers to Nathan.

"How about we head to my old group base?"

Isham asks Nathan.

"Too risky. Zombies are possibly overran that place."

Nathan answers to Isham.

"How about your hometown?"

Isham asks Nathan.

Nathan begins to cry.


Nathan answers to Isham.

Nathan walks to his room as Alexis and Nicole watches.

Dexter stands up, and walks up to Alexis and Nicole.

"Should we invite them to join our community?"

Dexter asks Alexis and Nicole.


Nicole answers to Dexter.

Carley rubs Nathan's head.

"We should join the Bellings Community."

Carley says to Nathan.

12 hours later.

Nathan stands in the abandoned college, armed with his new modified weapon, which is a combination of Sally's sniper rifle and Dwight's crossbow.

Nathan watches the main entrance as The Killers arrives.

"Come on, bastards! Time to die, assholes!!!"

Nathan yells at The Killers before firing his weapon at them.

Alexis and the others arrives at the Bellings Community.

Samuel and Lamar looks confused as Nathan isn't with them.

Nicole and Billy helps to bring Carley to one of the vacant houses.

"Where's Nathan?"

Samuel asks the others.

"He's taking on the offensive against The Killers alone after we discovered that his last sibling, which is his missing sister, was murdered by Sylvester Winters."

Alexis answers to Samuel as Dexter and Lamar brings Brittany into the community's jailhouse.

Nathan screams at The Killers as he kills at least 50 of The Killers.

Barnaby gets shot in the head.

Sylvester retreats alone as most of his members follows him.

Nathan exits from the college, and charges towards the retreating members of The Killers.

Nathan comes across Bruce, and aims at him.

Nathan knocks Bruce out, and heads to the Bellings Community with Bruce as a prisoner.

Nathan opens the gate.


Isham yells for Nathan, who has blood all over himself.

"This fucker right here is Sylvester's son. One way to destroy The Killers is for Sylvester to surrender in exchange for him to receive his son."

Nathan says to the others.

"Where's Samuel and Saul?"

Loki asks the others.

Saul is revealed to have murdered Samuel in his house.

Jennifer stands in the crowd, curious about Loki's question.


  • Emma DeVries (Confirmed Fate)
  • Morris Sadler
  • Barnaby Wilson
  • Samuel Eckert
  • At least 50 unnamed Killers

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