Episode 42

Nathan sits in his house as Isham and Samantha arrives.

"I'll be working on the cure."

Isham says to Nathan.

"Nathan, I'm going out there to take on The Killers. I'll sacrifice my life for everyone here."

Samantha says to Nathan.

Nicole checks up on Carley as her water breaks.

Nicole places Carley onto a bed, and brings Carley to the infirmary.

Samantha exits from the computer with her sniper rifle.

Samantha spots Sylvester and his men advancing.

Samantha shoots Sylvester in the shoulder before killing 5 other killers before getting shot to death by multiple killers.

Bidwell and several others takes aim at The Killers as they arrive at the gate.

Bruce looks as Brittany and Jennifer are in the same cell as him as Taya and Andrea guards them.

Bidwell gets sniped in the head by Sylvester.

Loki looks as Fred arrives with grenades.

Fred begins to throw grenades until he gets sniped in the head.

Loki looks as a grenade is thrown back at them.


Loki yells for the others before exploding.

The gate is destroyed as The Killers rushes inside of Bellings Community.

Theodore confronts Sylvester, who quickly shoots Theodore in the head.


  • Samantha Walters
  • Bidwell Jackson
  • Fred Dodge
  • Loki Wells
  • Theodore Black
  • At least 5 unnamed Killers

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