Episode 45

Several weeks ago.

Devin sits in an abandoned house.

Devin looks at an old picture of his family.

Devin pulls out an old radio, and hears the radio go off.

Devin listens as reports about Nathan DeVries are spoken.

Devin realizes that his father might still be alive.

Devin packs up his stuff.

Devin arrives at an old gun shop, and discovers two teenagers the same age as himself.

"Can you both help me find my way to the Bellings Community?"

Devin asks Kurt and Ella.

Kurt pulls out a madeshift axe, and comes towards him.

"You better not be a bandit or looter, dude."

Kurt says to Devin.

"I'm not. I'm looking for my old friend, Nathan DeVries."

Devin says to Kurt.

Kurt looks in shock.

"So you're friends with the great Nathan DeVries?"

Kurt asks Nathan.

Ella overhears Kurt and Devin's conversation.

"We'll come with you."

Ella says to Devin.

"Here's the thing, lady. I don't where Nathan's exactly at, but I heard about a possible place that he could've moved to."

Devin says to Ella.

"Then you're on your own."

Kurt says to Devin.

"I barely have a weapon."

Devin says to Kurt as he shows him his medium-sized rocks in his backpack.

"Let me give you my signature weapon."

Kurt says to Devin as he hands him the madeshift axe.

"Good luck on your mission, dude."

Kurt says to Devin.

Devin walks away.

Current time.

Devin walks up to the gates as Nathan opens it.

Nathan looks at Devin in shock.

"You're alive?"

Nathan asks Devin.

Devin smiles, and hugs Nathan.

Carley looks at Nathan, and smiles.

Carley looks as Nathan walks Devin to her.

"He's an old member of my group."

Nathan says to Carley.

"Where's my parents?"

Devin asks Nathan.

Nathan stares at Devin in silence.

"Your father......died for my life. Your mother.....was cannibalized, and I found her remains in a barn."

Nathan answers to Devin.

Devin begins to cry as he hugs Nathan harder than before.

Isham walks to the lab, and as he works on it, a zombie grabs Isham's arm, and bites him.

Isham kicks the zombie off from him, and shoots it in the head.

Isham realizes that the zombie actually bit him on his shoulder.


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