Episode 48

A decomposing corpse of Alice lays in one of the buildings within the abandoned Downtown Colony.

A masked woman walks up to the corpse, and begins to bury the corpse.

The woman finds a pair of roses, and cries as she places the roses onto the grave of Alice.

Nathan sits on his couch with Carley.

"If someone tries to attack here, protect our son with your own life. I'll do the same thing."

Nathan says to Carley.

The same woman that buried Alice finds an ID Card of Nathan DeVries on the ground.

"I know that Nathan had something to do with my sister's death."

Marissa says to herself.

Marissa travels for several days until she spots Nathan and Carley outside of the Bellings Community, kissing.

Marissa then spots Carley holding a toddler boy.

Marissa then realizes that Nathan has his own family now, and she begins to walk away until Nathan spots.


Nathan yells at Marissa as Carley runs back into the community alongside Nathan Jr.

Nathan walks up closer to Marissa, and realizes that it's Marissa, who is Alice's near-indentical older sister.


Nathan asks Marissa.

Marissa drops her pistol, and cries.

"I found Alice's corpse. I know that you had something to do with her death."

Marissa says to Nathan.

"I....did it in self-defense. We broke up, and she tried to kill me and Carley, but I had to kill her."

Nathan says to Marissa.

Marissa picks up her pistol, and aims at Nathan.

"Why try to live longer?"

Marissa asks Nathan.

"I'm a hero."

Nathan answers to Marrisa.

Marissa hands her pistol to Nathan, and kisses him.

Nathan pushes Marissa off from him, and aims at her head.

"Leave, and never come back."

Nathan says to Marissa.

Marissa quickly runs away, and Nathan returns to the community.


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