Episode 5

Nathan looks as the others begins to struggle to do their duties.

Alice walks up to Nathan.

"Nathan, you should take a stand, and establish yourself as the leader."

Alice says to Nathan.

"I will later."

Nathan says to Alice.

Daniel and the others looks as Chase enters the lving quarters with a shotgun.

"I have the armory opened up for you all to take as much weapons as you can. Also, I have the keys to the armored van. Me and Alex have decided to leave here alongside you all."

Chase says to Daniel just as Alex arrives.

"We should get going soon."

Alex says to the others just as zombies breaks through the main entrance.

The survivors runs to the garage just as a zombie pulls Alex into the zombie group, and Chase begins to cry as Alex gets devoured by the zombies.

Chase kills Alex out of mercy before leaving with the others.

Burt walks towards the public restroom as Lia is sitting in one of the stalls, crying.

"What's wrong?"

Burt asks Lia.

Lia exits from the stall, and reveals a zombie bite on her face.

"Please put me down."

Lia says to Burt just before Brian and Noah walks in.

The two aims at Lia.

"Burt, tell the others about this."

Brian says to Burt just as Noah kills Lia out of mercy.

Sterling looks as he begins to worry about where Daniel and the others are at just as an armored truck arrives.

Daniel, TJ, and Benji exits with 3 new survivors, and without Ryker.

"Where's Ryker?"

Sterling asks the others.


TJ answers to Sterling.

"Where's Roger at anyways?"

Benji asks Sterling.

"A small threat murdered him and Angela."

Sterling answers to Benji.

"Who's leading us now?"

Daniel asks Sterling.

"I don't know, but there's someone who declared that they were going to step up, and lead us."

Sterling answers to Daniel.

"That person is myself, Sterling."

Nathan says to Sterling as he arrives at the main gate.

Daniel looks as he's shocked about Nathan's declaration as Dwight looks at the others while holding his crossbow.

"Who's the shotgun survivor and the crossbowman?"

Nathan asks Daniel.

"Dwight and Chase."

Daniel answers to Nathan.

Two months goes by as Nathan brings himself and the remaining members of Roger's Community to his and Alice's old college.

"Why are we here?"

Sandra asks Nathan.

"It's more protected than Roger's Community's walls."

Nathan answers to Sandra.

A masked man arrives at the abandoned Roger's Community as he has two pet zombies.

The man kills his pet zombies before taking off his mask.

"Hopefully, the former survivors are still out there, surviving. The Reed Safe-Zone needs more survivors."

Greg says to himself.


  • Alex Devins
  • Lia Porter

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