Episode 50

Nathan wakes up in a jail cell after passing out after he was shot with a poison dart.

Nathan begins to panic as he looks as he can't hear anyone.

Carley and the others begins to look for Nathan as Nathan Jr begins to walk out of his room, and discovers Nathan's third vial.

Carley rushes into the house, and stops Nathan Jr, but looks at the last remaining vial.

"So Nathan injected himself and my son......"

Carley says to herself.

Roger and Nicholas arrives at a small shipyard, and discovers a map.

Nathan walks towards the prison door, and realizes that it's unlocked.

Nathan walks outside, and discovers zombies within the prison.

Nathan hears sounds within the prison, and discovers a small group of survivors.

"Hold onto Hershel, Glenn and Maggie."

Rick says to Glenn and Maggie before amputating Hershel's leg.

Daryl and T-Dog notices Nathan, and aims their weapons at Nathan.

"Where am I?"

Nathan asks the others.

Rick and the others notices several other prisoners.

One of the prisoners walks towards the window.

"Holy shit....."

Axel says to himself.


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