Episode 52

Nathan looks as Rick wakes up.

Nathan drives up to a sign, and discovers a nearby community.

Rick begins to try to break free, but Nathan shows Rick his revolver.

"You aren't going anywhere, Rick."

Nathan says to Rick.

"I have a family at the prison."

Rick says to Nathan.

"Your family is your weakness. Join my cause, and then you'll see your family."

Nathan says to Rick.

Glenn and Maggie looks at Nathan through a window.

"Why are you doing this to us?"

Glenn asks Nathan.

"Payback for being against me. Hostility isn't something I like, so I always kill who stands as an enemy of myself."

Nathan answers to Glenn.

Nathan drives away from the community.

Justin and Julian discovers a crashed car as a wounded Alexis lays nearby.


Justin asks Alexis.

"I......took Rick to a safer place...."

Alexis answers to Justin before dying.

Nathan drives up towards a small house in Indiana as Rick, Glenn, and Maggie are in the back of the van together.

"I'll show you three my place or I'll kill you all."

Nathan says to the three.

"To be honest, I'll join you, Nathan."

Glenn says to Nathan.

"Same here."

Maggie says to Nathan.

Nathan laughs as he opens the the back of the van, and allows the three to exit.

"Rick, your time is up."

Nathan says to Rick before shooting him in the head.

Maggie begins to cry before Glenn punches her in the face.

Nathan aims at Glenn.

"Never hit a woman."

Nathan says to Glenn.

Maggie looks at Nathan in fear before Nathan shoots Glenn in the head.

Maggie begins to cry before Nathan walks away.

Nathan begins to cry as he arrives at a crash sight where the corpses of Locke, Roger, and Brittany lays as zombies begins to feast on the corpses.

Nathan notices the zombified heads of the three are on pikes.

Nathan begins to cry more until Carley arrives at the scene with Dexter and Nicole.

Nathan and the three others returns to the Bellings Community as Maggie arrives there.

"I want to join."

Maggie says to Nathan.

Nathan smiles at Maggie as he allows her to join the community.

A masked man walks up to Rick and Glenn's corpse, and begins to loot the corpses until someone shoots the man in the head.

The dead looter is then revealed to be Tomas and the his killer is revealed to be Ella.

Alexis lays next to the crash car and then the corpse begins to reanimate with her zombified version begins to have bright red eyes, and begins to screech a loud sound.

Two months later

Nathan and several others begins to notices that some of their members has gone missing.


Lamar yells for Nicholas.


Nicole yells for Billy.


Dexter yells for Jennifer.


Devin yells for Kurt.


Nathan Jr yells for Carley.


Ella yells for Maggie.

Nathan discovers that there's several more decapitated heads on pikes, which includes Carley, Nicholas, Billy, Axel, Dexter, Maggie, Oscar, Andrew, Jennifer, and Kurt.

Nathan begins to cry, which begins to lure more zombies to the perimeter.


  • Alexis Smith (Alive)
  • Rick Grimes
  • Glenn Rhee
  • Roger Everett (Alive)
  • Brittany Yak (Alive)
  • Locke Reed (Alive)
  • Tomas Richards
  • Carley Eastly (Alive)
  • Nicholas Everett (Alive)
  • Billy Greene (Alive)
  • Axel Winston (Alive)
  • Dexter Noah (Alive)
  • Maggie Greene (Alive)
  • Oscar Franklin (Alive)
  • Andrew Douglas (Alive)
  • Jennifer Billington (Alive)
  • Kurt Tanis (Alive)
  • Felipe Gaza (Alive)
  • Abigail Harris (Alive)
  • Marrisa Hernando (Alive)
  • Numerous unnamed Bellings Community Survivors (Alive)

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