Episode 54

Nathan and Justin enters a cemetery as they find foot tracks.

Nathan and Justin comes up to a zombie, and discovers that all of the zombies are now faster and has bright red eyes.

Justin shoots the zombie in the head with his hunting rifle.

"Nice shot, fools."

The Marksman says to the two before he shoots Justin in the head, and stabs Nathan in his shoulder with a dagger.

Nathan passes out from complications for the cure as The Marksman walks away.

Nathan begins to have a future in-take, which shows him as an old man on a farm in a zombie-free world.

Devin and Emma walks towards the main gates as Dexter runs after them.

"No one is leaving until Nathan and the others returns."

Dexter says to the two.


Devin says to Dexter.

The two walks back to the mansion alongside Dexter.

Nathan wakes up as he's tied to a tree.

A man walks up to him with a plate with meat on it.

"Since your friend was dead, we decided to use him instead of you. You're the sole living cattle while us, The Hunters, are the butchers."

The man says to Nathan before Nathan discovers Justin's decapitated head lays on a table as his corpse is chopped up, and places in the bonfire.

Nathan begins to cry.

"Tell us where your group is, and I'll spare your life."

The man says to Nathan.

"Fuck you, coward. Cannibalism isn't the answer of survival."

Nathan says to the man.

"So you want it the hard way."

The man says to Nathan as he pulls out a dagger, and stabs it into Nathan left leg, and pulls out a small piece of Nathan's flesh.

The man eats the flesh as Nathan screams from the pain from the stab.

"You actually taste better than I expected."

The man says to Nathan.

"I hope you die, you sick fucker."

Nathan says to the man.

"Say my name. My name is Gareth Tanner."

Gareth says to Nathan.

Nathan begins to secretly untie himself.

Nathan breaks free, and throws Gareth into the fire, and slams him into the table.

Nathan grabs his gun from the ground, and shoots Gareth in the neck.

Nathan collapses from the injuries.

Nathan wakes up as Gareth's zombified self begins to feast on a piece of Justin's burnt flesh.

Nathan quickly escapes from the area, and returns to the Bellings Community, and discovers a zombified decapitated head outside of the community as well as a note from someone.

Nathan realizes that the zombified head is that of The Marksman.

"Justice served. We found out about the others. Head to Boston, and head to the USS Colony. We'll be waiting, Nathan."

The note says as Nathan begins to gets into a vehicle, and drives away.


  • Justin Zimmer
  • Gareth Tanner (Alive)
  • The Marksman (Confirmed Fate; Alive)

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