Episode 55

Nathan drives his car up to a small farm, and discovers several mutated zombies feasting on two corpses.

Nathan exits from the car, and shoots down the mutated zombies.

Nathan walks to the farmhouse, and loots it for supplies, and then he hears a gunshot outside.

Nathan runs to his car, and discovers many armed survivors taking aim at him.

"You killed our leader. You're an infected. People with cures are infecteds."

The hostile survivors says to Nathan.

The hostile survivors begins to walk closer, and then several survivors in a truck arrives, and guns down the hostile survivors.

Nathan looks as one of the hostiles gets up, and aims at Nathan.

"I'm Carter, and you killed my leader; Gareth. We were and we are The Hunters. Fear us....."

Carter says to Nathan before Nathan shoots the man in the head.

The ringleader of the 3-person crew walks up to Nathan.

"I'm Tucker Ford. Join us on our journey to the USS Colony."

Tucker says to Nathan.

Dexter and the others arrives at the USS Colony.

A man with a suitcase walks up to the survivors.

"Welcome to the USS Colony. My name is The Director. Behind me are my bodyguards; Edgar, Wyatt, and Bella. Need me, and you'll ask them for help."

The Director says to the survivors.

Devin holds onto Nathan Jr as Emma stands by him, holding hands.

Nathan, Tucker, Rosita, and Nelson looks at the USS Colony.

"The Director is a tyrant. We join them, and we'll take over. The survivors needs our help."

Tucker says to Nathan.

The four runs up to the USS Colony, and sneaks inside.

Nathan, Tucker, Rosita, and Nelson pulls out their weapons as they enter an empty storage room.

Nathan looks up at the window, and sees his group on the main deck.

"My group is here."

Nathan says to the three.

"You're with us until The Director and his bodyguards are dead."

Rosita says to Nathan.

"Rosita and Tucker, let him go. On the way to here, he told me about his son within his group."

Nelson says to Tucker and Rosita.


Tucker says to Nathan.

Nathan exits from the storage room, and walks up to his group.


  • Carter Townley
  • Numerous unnamed members of The Hunters
  • Two unnamed survivors (Confirmed Fates)

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