Episode 57

The Director shoots Dexter in the head before Nicole shoots him in the chest.

Nathan gets stabbed in the shoulder by a guard, and falls into the water.

Devin shoots the guard in the head as Tucker is gunned down.

Devin cries for Nathan as Nicole drags him away.

The guards looks into the water before getting gunned down by Lamar and the others.

"Where's Nathan?"

Lamar asks Nicole and Devin.

"He fell into the water."

Devin answers to Lamar before crying.

Emma comforts Devin, and brings him back to the others.

Lamar gets ready to jump into the water, but Nicole stops him.

"If Nathan were to still be alive, he'd came up by now. He's dead, and you're the next man in charge."

Nicole says to Lamar.

The Director runs to a spare escape boat, and confronts a wounded Nathan, who is wet from falling into the water.

The Director grabs Nathan, and presses his thumb into Nathan's wound, which Nathan begins to scream.

Lamar and Nicole hears Nathan's scream, and begins to run to the scene.

The Director throws Nathan onto the ground, and breaks Nathan's left leg, and slices open Nathan's face.

"You're fucked either way."

The Director says to Nathan.

Nathan looks up at the sky as a bright light begins to fall onto himself.

As The Director grabs Nathan's pistol and aims at him, Lamar tackles The Director as Nicole tends to Nathan's wounds.

"Don't die."

Nicole says to Nathan.

Nathan passes out, and Nicole begins to think that Nathan is dead.

Lamar shoots The Director in the head just as The Director shoots Lamar in the heart.

Lamar falls onto the ground, and dies.

Nicole begins to pulls out her knife as Lamar reanimates.

Nicole looks down at Nathan, and cries.

Nathan wakes up, and looks as a zombified Lamar gets up behind Nicole.


Nathan says to Nicole before the zombified Lamar bites into Nicole's neck.

Nathan looks on as Nicole and the zombified Lamar falls off from the ship.

Nathan looks as Edgar arrives before passing out again.

Two years later.

Nathan wakes up on a bed, chained to it.


Nathan asks for anyone.

An armored man walks up to Nathan.

"Your group is with us now."

The man says to Nathan.

Nathan breaks free, and tackles the man.

As Nathan comes close to killing the man, a woman runs in.

"Don't kill Harry!!!"

Alicia yells at Nathan.

Nathan looks as Harry's brother, Paul, arrives.

"We've brought everyone back to...."

Alicia says to Nathan before Nathan executes all three survivors.

Nathan begins to cry as he realizes that his group is gone from him until a wounded Devin and Ella arrives.

"Those survivors took the rest of the group."

Ella says to Nathan.

Nathan looks outside, and discovers 5 armed survivors standing on the coastline of Naples.

"We're in Italy now."

Nathan says to Devin and Ella.


  • Dexter Lovett
  • Tucker Ford
  • The Director
  • Lamar Tanner (Alive)
  • Nicole Brandy
  • Alicia Hernando
  • Harry Winema
  • Paul Winema
  • Numerous unnamed USS Colony guards

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