Episode 58

Nathan, Devin, and Ella exits from the USS Colony, and walks up to the 5 survivors.

Two talks to each other in russian.

"Anyone speaks English?"

Nathan asks the survivors.

"I....speak.....some english. The....others with me......are Mac, Ty, Markos, and Skyler. Mac and Ty are also Americans."

Arvo answers to Nathan before Markos, Mac, and Skyler aims at Devin and Ella.

"Give us everything."

Mac says to Nathan.

Nathan attempts to attack Mac, but Arvo grabs Nathan, and bear-hugs him.

"What are you gonna do now?"

Arvo asks Nathan before Nathan savagely bites into Arvo's neck, and rips out his jugular out just as Devin and Ella shoots Markos and Skyler in their heads.

Ty aims at Mac.

"I've been playing you for information. My real name is still Ty Harrell, but I'm a former FBI Agent."

Ty says to Mac before knocking Mac out.

"Ty, can you join our group?"

Devin asks Ty.

"Yes. Mac remains as a prisoner. Arvo was the leader of the group. Mac fell in with the wrong people."

Ty answers to Devin.


  • Arvo Hans
  • Markos Liev
  • Skyler Romanov

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