Episode 59

Ty runs in the woods alongside Nathan, Devin, Ella, and Mac.

"Who are we looking for?"

Nathan asks Ty.

"The rest of my FBI Unit. We were assigned to travel to here. The FBI Agency stil exists, and we flew here from LA."

Ty answers to Nathan as they come across the rest of Ty's Unit.

Nathan and his group walks up to Ty and his unit.

"Do you all want to join my group?"

Nathan asks the others.

"Can we trust them?"

Tyson asks Ty.

"We can."

Ty answers to Tyson.

"We'll join."

Kelly says to Nathan.

3 hours goes by as the survivors discovers a small fenced community.

Nathan and his group cautiously walks towards the community, and sees two masked survivor taking bagged bodies out, crying.

A man exits from the apartment building, and spots the survivors.

"Please tell me that you're all english survivors."

The man says to the survivors.

"In fact, we're all Americans."

Mac says to the man.

"Alright. My name is Tyler Carlston, and most of the people with us are all Americans also. We had a plane crash, which was shot down by a missile. I didn't want the NWO Colony to have created a second base in Europe."

Tyler says to the survivors.

"I've faced the NWO Colony back in America, but they're still a threat there."

Nathan says to Tyler.

"We'll need to head to Moscow. There's a community at an airport that has better defenses."

Tyler says to Nathan.

"Got trucks for all of your people?"

Ty asks Tyler.

"Most of the people are staying here., but yeah. We have some trucks outside the entrance. There's very little amounts of zombies roaming Europe compared to America, but there's still a lot here."

Tyler answers Ty.

"Me and my unit will accompany the survivors."

Ty says to Tyler.

A zombie sneaks up on the group, and grabs and bites Glenn in the face.

Tyler shoots the zombie in the head as Dorian kills Glenn out of mercy.

Ty and Tyson begins to shoot at the herd leaving the forest.

Dorian begins to tell Nathan and the rest to escape with Tyler and several others.

Mac volunteers to stay back alongside Kelly to defend the apartments, which Dorian accepts.

Nathan, Ella, Devin, and Tyler runs into the apartment, and has several survivors escape from the apartments with him.

The survivors begins to run out of fuel.

"Everyone, we're going on foot."

Nathan says to the others.

Yusuke looks at Rosalie as he holds her in the truck.

"Let me turn like my family has."

Rosalie says to Yusuke as she looks at the zombie bite on her shoulder.

Yusuke cries as he leaves a dying Rosalie behind as he follows the others into the city of Moscow.

As they looks at the streets, they discover two teenager brothers fighting off zombies.

Nathan's group begins to shoot at the zombies, and after they kill the zombies, the two brothers looks at the survivors in anger.

"We had them, assholes!!!"

Jimmy yells at the survivors.


  • Glenn Cohan
  • Rosalie Thoms (Alive)

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