Episode 6

Greg is approached by three armed men.

"You're on our new turf, buddy. Leave now."

Wesley says to Greg.

"So.....Stewie wants some of his own men to risk their own lives so he can get whatever he wants."

Greg says to himself.

Wesley kicks Greg in the face.

"No violence needed, Wesley. Stewie won't want to start a war with Carson."

Raekwon says to Wesley.

"Dad, what should we do with Greg Castro?"

Hall asks Wesley.

"We'll let him go."

Wesley answers to Hall.

Greg flees from the scene, and begins to head halfway back to the Reed Safe-Zone just as he comes across Alicia, Johnathan, Ramirez, and Clark on horseback.

"What's wrong?"

Alicia asks Greg.

"Some members of MacRoy Safe-Lands arrived at an abandoned community, and jumped me. They spared my lifde to avoid a war."

Greg answers to Alicia.

"Stewie's a damn idiot."

Clark says to Greg.

"He's not an idiot. He's smart enough to convince others that he's the one in charge of his community."

Johnathan says to Clark.

"Let's hurry back."

Ramirez says to the others.

The members of the Reed Safe-Zone retreats.

Nathan kicks open a door to the gym, and sees numerous zombies feasting on multiple corpses that have bullet wounds to their heads.

Dwight, Ben, and Sally follows Nathan.

"Sally, get ready to use your modified assault rifle. Ben, get ready to use your modified sniper rifle. Dwight, get ready to use your crossbow."

Nathan says to the others.

"We got it."

Sally says to Nathan.

Nathan pulls out his modified sawed-off shotgun.

Nathan, Dwight, Ben, and Sally begins to gun down the zombies in the gym.

Alice and Daniel begins to walks into a locker room just before they come across several zombies.

Daniel shoots the zombies in their heads.

Alice looks as Daniel begins to go naked.

"What are you doing?"

Alice asks Daniel just before Sterling enters the locker room.

"Me and Sterling are getting our first rape victim right now."

Daniel answers to Alice just before him and Sterling begins to attempt to rape Alice.

Nathan sits in the hallway, and hears noises coming from the nearby locker room.

Nathan enters the locker room, and sees Daniel and Sterling trying to rape Alice.

Nathan shoots Sterling in the head, and aims at Daniel.

"Nathan! Don't shoot!!!"

Daniel yells at Nathan.

Alice looks at Nathan, scared from what Daniel and Sterling tried to do, just before Nathan executes Daniel.

Alice cries just as she hugs Nathan.

"I'll make sure nothing happens to you, Alice. I promise that I'll die before you do."

Nathan says to Alice.

Wesley and the two others enters Roger's old house, and sees a casket in a storage room.

"Raekwon, check out the casket."

Wesley says to Raekwon.

Raekwon cautiously approaches the casket.

He opens the casket, and sees a corpse that has a bullet wound to his head.

"This must be this old community's former leader."

Raekwon says to the others before walking towards them.

"Let's head back to the safe-lands."

Raekwon says to the others.

TJ and Benji looks as Brian tries to flirt with Sandra.

"Brian seems to try to be a lady killer, but most of the times, he fails. Me and him used to have the same job. We were butlers to the rich and famous people in New York City. One time, he met a beautiful woman. As he flirted with her, the two made out, and one thing led to another, and he impregnated her. The woman aborted the baby, and he moved onto another career."

TJ says to Benji.

"I used to be a CEO for a business. One time, one of my employees tried to murder me in my office, but I kicked the man out the window. The man survived, and he went to prison for attempted murder. I might've met you and Benji before because I used to live in New York City."

Benji says to TJ.

Nathan and Alice begins to gather the bodies within the locker room, and placed all of the corpses onto a body pile outside the main entrances to the parking lot, and lit the corpses on fire.

"We don't bury killers and rapists."

Nathan says to Alice just as they hug each other.

A car arrives at the scene, and a man in a tuxedo exits from the back seat of his car while holding an assault rifle.

"Hello, survivors. Don't need to worry about me. I'm here to announce that I'm the leader of a good place called the MacRoy Safe-Lands."

Stewie says to Nathan and Alice.

"We're not leaving, so buzz off, fool."

Nathan says to Stewie.

A man exits from the front seat, and aims his assault rifle at the two.

"Don't disrespect my brother!!!"

Evan yells at Nathan.

"Can you leave now?"

Alice asks Stewie and Evan.

Stewie looks as several others arrives at the scene with modified weapons.

"How many of you are here?"

Stewie asks Nathan.

"More people than whatever community you are leading has."

Nathan answers to Stewie.

"You're wrong. I have over 500 people in my community. Most of them are a part of the MacRoy Safe-Lands Army."

Stewie says to Nathan just before he and Evan leaves the area.

"Everyone, be on a watch out for any members of the MacRoy Safe-Lands. We'll ambush them, and take them in as test subjects for possible cures being made by Chase."

Nathan says to the others.

Alicia arrives at her parents' house, and she walks in on them having sex in their living room.

"Mom! Dad!!!"

Alicia yells at Carson and Emily.

Carson puts on his pants, and walks to the door, and closes it just as Emily runs to the master bedroom.

"Alicia, you wanted to report something about the MacRoy Safe-Lands to me. Tell me about it."

Carson says to Alicia.

"Three members of the safe-lands jumped Greg, and spared him."

Alicia says to Carson.


  • Sterling Ryan
  • Daniel Cooper

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