Episode 60

As Nathan and the others slowly walks towards the Lee Brothers, both of them flees the scene as a large zombie horde arrives.

"Fire at the horde!!!"

Nathan yells at the others.

Yusuke looks on as the others are shooting the zombies, and runs away.

Nathan notices Yusuke running away.


Nathan yells for Yusuke before a zombie grabs Yusuke, and bites him on his left arm.

Yusuke begins to scream before Nathan shoots the zombie in the head, and amputates Yusuke's arm.

Yusuke begins to pass out as Nathan is forced to carry him.

Devin and the others begins to run to a nearby house, where they meet up with Nathan and a passed out Yusuke.

"What happened to Yusuke?"

Bethany asks Nathan.

"He cowarded away, and got his arm bit, so I had to amputate his arm."

Nathan answers to Bethany.

Lia begins to bandage his arm.

"How about you all go searching for the two teenagers."

Lia says to the others as she tends to Yusuke's wound.

"Everyone, go. I'll stay back."

Nathan says to the others.

Devin and Ella leads the search party.

Jimmy and Billy arrives at a small trailer, and discovers a wounded man.

" me."

The man says to Jimmy and Billy.

"Who are you?"

Jimmy asks the man as another man arrives.

"I'm Clint Duggins, and that's my son, Phillip."

Clint answers to Jimmy.

Phillip aims at the two teens just as Clint dies from his wound.

"You killed my father!!!"

Phillip yells at the two before getting shot in the head by Devin.

Clint reanimates, but gets shot in the head by Billy.

"You two better come with us now!!!"

Tyler yells at Jimmy and Billy.


Jimmy says to Tyler.

Nathan looks as Lia struggles to tending for Yusuke's wound.

"He's dead."

Lia says to Nathan before putting Yusuke down.

"You tried to save him."

Nathan says to Lia.

Lia smiles as Nathan hugs her.

The others returns to the house.

"Yusuke's dead."

Nathan says to the others.

"Now what do we do now?"

Randall asks Nathan.

"We should head for the Moscow Airport Community."

Nathan answers to Randall.

A man looks down from the radar station as he watches over the last 5 airplanes.

The man looks at his ID Card from his hometown of Chicago, and his name is revealed to be Linus Stevens.


  • Phillip Duggins
  • Clint Duggins (Alive and Zombified)
  • Yusuke Lings

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