Episode 66

Troy shoots Edgar in the right eye as Nathan guns down the other guards.

Troy looks as Nathan shoots Edgar in the head.

"You'll be coming with me to rescue my people that Captain Z has captured."

Nathan says to Troy.

"Got it."

Troy says to Nathan.

The two begins their walk to the Captain Z's manor.

Helen begins to cook some food just as Jared runs away as gunfire is heard outside of the bar.

Helen looks as the corpses of Kelly and Andrea falls down from the roof.

Helen pulls out her walkie talkie.

"Nathan, we're all dead."

Helen says to Nathan via walkie talkie before a guard enters the room, and shoots Helen in the head.

"Gary, why are we doing this?"

Joseph asks Gary.

"Don't question the authority, father."

Gary answers to Joseph, and shoots him in the head before reloading his golden magnum revolver.

"Everyone, search the area for the rest of the evading survivors."

Gary says to the others.

A younger guard runs up the hill towards Gary and the others.

"Edgar and his patrol crew are all killed."

Derek says to Gary.

"Derek, you stay here, and report a radio call to everyone if shit happens here while you're alone."

Gary says to Derek.

Nathan and Troy looks through the main gates, and sees Tyler, Dane, and Abby doing labor work with cement blocks.

"I'm sorry, but I can't go any further."

Troy says to Nathan.

Nathan turns around, and sees Troy aiming his pistol at Nathan.

"Get the hell out of here then, Troy. If you want to live, then do what I said."

Nathan says to Troy.

Troy hands Nathan all of his grenades and his pistol before running away.

Nathan sneaks up to the main gates, and slits the two guards in the throats before coming up to Tyler, Dane, and Abby.

"Where's the others?"

Nathan asks the three.

"They're in the warehouse."

Dane answers to Nathan.

"You all better go searching around here for escape vehicles."

Nathan says to the three.


  • Edgar Lynch
  • Joseph Li
  • Several unnamed members of Captain Z's Manor

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