Episode 71

A flashback shows Christian at the start of the apocalypse as he sits in his house.

Christian hears yelling from outside of the house.

Christian walks out of the house, and looks as his neighbors, Michael and Kelly, are fending off several zombies.

Christian runs back into his house, and grabs his hunting rifle.

Christian runs back outside, and shoots the zombies in their heads.

"Come inside."

Christian says to the two.

Michael is seen holding a bite wound on his arm.

"One of those damn things bit my arm."

Michael says to Christian.

Christian begins to realize that Michael might need antibiotics.

"Look for some antibiotics."

Christian says to Kelly.

Michael grabs a kitchen knife, and brutally cuts off his arm.

"What the fuck?"

Kelly asks Michael, who passes out.

Kelly tends to Michael as Christian grabs a hot pan, and places the amputated area onto the pan.

Michael wakes back up, and screams.

Currently, Christian returns to his madeshift house, and looks as Michael and Kelly are sitting on the couch.

"I still want to say thank you for saving my life at the start of the apocalypse."

Michael says to Christian.

"Michael, take care of the property. I heading out to find someone I know."

Christian says to Michael.

"No problem, Christian."

Michael says to Christian.

Christian exits from the house, and walks to his motorcycle, and drives away.

Troyer walks on the road alone with his trusty assault rifle.

Troyer comes across a crashed truck alongside the bodies of Sasha and a zombified Devin.

"At least some of them died. Soon, Nathan will be in my hands."

Troyer says to himself.

Nathan and his group continues their foot travel as they're on a highway.

Tyler notices a madeshift metal fortress down the highway.

"Could be bandits down the highway."

Tyler says to the others.

"Based on the details, It's not."

Justin says to Tyler.

"How do you know?"

Tyler asks Justin.

"I was once a part of a post-apocalypse gang, but I got tired of them, so I executed them, and then I found Julian laying on the side of a road, almost dead from starving and dehydration."

Justin answers to Tyler.


  • Several unnamed bandits (Confirmed Fates)

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