Episode 73

Nathan and Taylor are tied to a medical bed as Emily begins to try to make a cure for the werewolf curse.

Emily begins to get upset after all of the tests have failed.

"There's no cure unless...."

Emily says to Nathan and Taylor.

"Unless what?"

Taylor asks Emily.

"You'll both have to find someone who has the capabilities to cure you both. Maybe one or both of you find a bible, and pray for yourselves and others suffering from your condition."

Emily answers to Taylor just as Newton and his friends arrives with their weapons.

"No more passes, Nathan."

Newton says to Nathan.

"Don't hurt anyone, asshole."

Taylor says to Newton.

"Where's the rest of the crew?"

Emma asks Nathan just as Emily hides under her desk.

"They're dead."

Nathan answers to Emma.

"We've searched everywhere for their bodies. They aren't dead. Don't test us or your bitch dies."

Derek says to Nathan.

Nathan breaks free of the bed, and transforms, and grabs Derek, and kills him.

"What the hell?"

Doug asks Taylor as she also breaks free, and transforms.

Taylor grabs Doug, and throws him at the walls.

Newton and the others except for Cameron flees.

Cameron shoots at Taylor, but Emily exits from hiding, and shoots him in the head.

Doug lays on the ground injured just as Emily puts Derek down.

As Newton and the rest of his group flees from the estates, an armed guard walks up to them.

"You all were here for some reason. Emily took two cursed survivors in as everyone of us are cursed with the werewolf curse. Get the hell out of here or die."

Curtis says to the others.

Newton and the rest of his group flees.

Doug wakes up as he's tied to the bed as Nathan and Taylor returns to their human states.

"Let me go!!!"

Doug yells at the others.

Curtis enters the room.

"Emily, find a cure for all of us?"

Curtis asks Emily.

"I wish I have."

Emily answers to Curtis.

"You all have that werewolf curse?"

Nathan asks Emily.

"We took you in because we noticed that you both have that curse that we all have. We feast on animals, but definitely not humans."

Emily answers to Nathan.

Tyler and his group continues to search the FEMA camp, and as they search, Newton and the remaining members of his group arrives.

"You two survivors, Nathan and Taylor, are werewolves."

Newton says to the survivors.

Tyler and the others walks towards Nathan and Taylor.

"Where are they now?"

Tyler asks Newton.

"They're at a community full of people like them. They killed Cameron, Doug, and Derek."

Newton answers to Tyler.

"I'm not dead."

Doug says to Newton as Nathan and Taylor accompanies him.

"The survivors at that place only kill threats. They saw us as threat."

Doug says to the others.

Nathan begins to wonder away, and discovers a hidden stash of werewolf curse vials.

"The zombie virus will be cured, but we all should embrace this werewolf curse."

Taylor says to Nathan as they pick up the vials.

"Here's the cures."

Nathan says to the others.

The survivors begins to have the vials, and Nathan begins to regret his choice.

"This isn't the cure."

Tyler says to Nathan.

"It's the curse."

Nathan says to Tyler.

The survivors becomes shocked at Nathan.

"We all need to move to that sanctuary that we left. They have the cure for the zombie virus."

Nathan says to the others.

Nathan Jr still refuses to drink the vial.

"I don't trust it."

Nathan Jr says to the others.

"Son, you can trust me."

Nathan says to Nathan Jr just as he decides to drink one of the last ones.

After Nathan drinks it, he begins to shed his hair.

"Nathan, what's going on?"

Bethany asks Nathan.

Nathan Jr and Taylor drinks the last vials, and realizes that it not only takes away the curse, but it also prevents the person from ever getting the curse.

"Let's keep going on our journey."

Nathan says to the others.


  • Derek Chase
  • Cameron Reedus

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