Episode 74

Nathan and his group comes up to a walled community.

"Everyone, check up on the surroundings. These survivors might not be good fellows."

Nathan says to the others.

Newton looks through the fence, and sees that it's a walled community containing a mansion and a few houses.

"I see only a few people outside. They look like late teens to mid-20 year olds. They could be bandits, but they're dressed better than us. I see a large well, a pond, a swimming pool in the middle of the community."

Newton says to Nathan.

Taylor walks to another side, and sees a woman walking behind the mansion naked.

"Nudity isn't a problem here, I guess."

Taylor says to Nathan.

"Everyone, be prepared. They could try somethings on us to lure us in."

Tyler says to the others.

The gates opens via electricity.

The survivors cautiously walks into the community.

"Welcome to the Wellington Community. My name is Dirk Wanston."

Dirk says to the others.


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