Episode 76

Dirk walks into a secret room in the mansion, and it's revealed that his older sister is living on life support.

"Jenna, I've gotten a new threat, and I'll kill the threats soon."

Dirk says to a comatosed Jenna just as Tyler and Robert are behind him at gunpoint.

"Where's Nathan?"

Tyler asks Dirk.

"He's in the mansion's basement. Please don't hurt my sister."

Dirk answers to Tyler before knocking him out.

"Robert, go to the warehouse."

Tyler says to Robert before checking on the comatosed Jenna.

"Dirk should've letted you go from the beginning. I'm sorry for leaving you for my UN meeting in Europe."

Tyler says to Jenna just as he kisses her on the forehead.

"You were my girlfriend. The only reason I came back to America after the apocalypse started was so I could ee you again, Jenna. I wanted to marry you."

Tyler says to Jenna before he notices her waking up from her coma.

"Where's Dirk?"

Jenna asks Tyler.

"I knocked him out since he has my leader as a prisoner."

Tyler answers to Jenna.

"I want to help."

Jenna says to Tyler.

"You can't right now. I'll stay here, and watch over you. I'll help you walk against."

Tyler says to Jenna.

Robert goes to the others.

"Tyler has decided to stay here also after we save Nathan. Dirk lied to us. I bet that Nathan is in the warehouse."

Robert says to the others.

Odin, Liam, Bethany, Rosita, and Nathan Jr arrives at the warehouse, and aims at Doug and Haley.

"Give us Nathan, and we'll leave you two to survive."

Liam says to Doug and Haley as four more guards comes from behind them alongside Marco and Abigail.

"First, you all better surrender or die."

Marco says to the survivors.

Marco and the other five guards are then gunned down by Newton and the others just as Doug and Haley are executed by a freed Nathan and Jimmy.


Bethany asks Jimmy.

"I'm still alive."

Jimmy answers to Bethany.

Nathan and the leaving group members walks to the main gate, and looks back as Nathan Jr and the staying members waves goodbye to them.

"Where to?"

Newton asks Nathan.

"The old base that I used to own."

Nathan answers to Newton.

Nathan and the others arrives at the Reed Safe-Zone, and sees that the safe-zone has increased dramatically in size.


  • Marco Clems
  • Abigail Barnes
  • Emily Radcliffe
  • Brianna Davidson
  • Shawna Wilkos
  • Tonya Vincente
  • Doug Morales
  • Haley Morales

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