Episode 77

Nathan and the others cautiously walks towards the main gates.

"Hold it.....Oh shit. Nathan, is that you?"

Bradley asks Nathan.

"Yes. It's me, Bradley."

Nathan answers to Bradley.

"Come in."

Bradley says to the survivors.

"The Dereal Colony has rebuilt itself, and the MacRoy Safe-Lands are patrolling the area alongside us to search for the Central Slave Trade Community. They've taken some of our members, and held them as slaves."

Bradley says to Nathan.

"Who's leading here now?"

Nathan asks Bradley.

"We have a council with 6 people in it."

Bradley answers to Nathan.

"Tell them that the weakest member of the council will be replaced by me."

Nathan says to Bradley.

"Got it."

Bradley says to Nathan.

Two patrol guards comes up to a small tent, and discovers a wounded survivor with a stab wound to their stomach.

"Merle, alert the others on the walkie talkie."

Fitzgerald says to Merle.

Fitzgerald grabs the survivor, and has the survivor stand up.

"What is your name?"

Fitzgerald asks the survivor.

"I'm Fleance Tumele."

Fleance answers to Fitzgerald.

"Do you got a group?"

Fitzgerald asks Fleance.

"I'm a patrol guard for a community called the Heikkila Safe-Zone. The leader's name is Daniel Heikkila."

Fleance answers to Fitzgerald.

"Hopefully your safe-zone will join up with the patrolling here."

Fitzgerald says to Fleance.

Nathan enters the council, and looks as the weakest member leaves the room.

"Welcome back, Nathan."

Jenna says to Nathan.

"Welcome back."

Carley says to Nathan.


Kara says to Nathan.


Nathaniel says to Nathan.

"I'm glad to see that you're still alive."

Juan says to Nathan.

Leon and Marian exits from the room.

"My siblings have been my bodyguards."

Juan says to Nathan.

Daniel looks outside of his window at Lake Michigan just as his daughter, Janice, lifts weights alongside two others.

"Janice, you better go on a patrol tomorrow."

Daniel says to Janice.

Daniel walks to his bar room, and begins to drink a glass of vodka.

"Dad, where were you born?"

Janice asks Daniel.

"I was born in Ukraine. Your mother was born in Germany. You were born in France when we were on a tourist trip in Paris."

Daniel answers to Janice.

"Hopefully Fleance and the others finds another group to trade with."

Janice says to Daniel just as young messenger arrives at the house, and hands Daniel a letter before leaving the house.

"So Fleance has found a large network of communities."

Daniel says to the others.

"So is that what Kaylee sent you?"

Janice asks Daniel.


Daniel answers to Janice.

Fitzgerald and Merle sits outside of the infirmary as several doctors brings the wounded Fleance into the infirmary.

Daniel and Janice walks up to the two.

"Thank you both for saving Fleance's life. He's the best of the patrol other than my daughter, Janice."

Daniel says to Fitzgerald and Merle.

"Can your patrols help with my group's and another group's patrol teams?"

Fitzgerald asks Daniel.

"It depends."

Daniel answers to Fitzgerald.

"Who are your main enemies?"

Janice asks Fitzgerald.

"The Central Slave Trade Community."

Fitzgerald answers to Janice.

"We are enemies of them also. We can work together to take them down. After all, they raped most of the women here after they broke through our walls, and I was forced to watch their leader rape Janice."

Daniel says to Fitzgerald.

"I'm sorry that it happened."

Merle says to Daniel.

"It's not your fault."

Daniel says to Merle.

Nathan and the other council members begins their meeting.

Bradley, Jimmy, Justin, Julian, Odin, and Sally goes on a trip to the Dereal Colony.

Christian begins to go on a patrol run with several others.


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