Episode 78

Ftizgerald begins to leave the safe-zone as Merle decides to help around the Heikkila Safe-Zone.

Nathaniel sits outside of the safe-zone, and begins to smoke a cigarette.

Patrick walks up to him.

"Can I have one too?"

Patrick asks Nathaniel.

Nathaniel hands him a cigarette.

The two begins to smoke the cigarette.

"I wish that I could find my daughter soon. She's been missing for over 10 years now. I remember a man luring her, Felipe, and a few others outside of here."

Nathaniel says to Patrick.

"I used to be a doctor. At the start of the apocalypse, my wife left me a note that revealed that she....."

Patrick says to Nathaniel before getting shot in the head with an arrow.

Several armed survivors arrives as Nathaniel runs into cover.

"Come out, and let's talk, Nathaniel."

Dwight says to Nathaniel, who has a bow and arrows.

"This pussy isn't gonna show himself."

Elliot says to Dwight.

"He will. He has to."

Allison says to Elliot.

"Should I go for the dead guy's rifle?"

Brent asks Dwight.

"Go ahead."

Dwight answers to Brent.

Brent go forward, but Nathaniel grabs it just as Nathan exits from the safe-zone, and shoots Brent in the head.

Newton, Emma, and Doug begins to help Nathaniel.

Nathan grabs Nathaniel just as Emma is shot in the shoulder and Doug is shot through his neck with an arrow.

Elliot grabs Emma, and pulls her towards the others just as Nathan, Newton, and Nathaniel returns inside.


Newton yells for the others.

Dwight and the others begins to retreat as they have Emma as a hostage.

The bandits arrives back at their base, and their leader, The Executioner, walks up to them.

"We got a hostage."

Dwight says to The Executioner.

"Save her for the slave trade that we'll do once we make it to the Central Slave Trade Community."

The Executioner says to Dwight.

Douglas sits in a cafe with the Central Slave Trade Community.

"I can't wait until tomorrow. I'll be known as the man."

Douglas says to the others.

1 day later.

A man sits outside of a barricaded bar.

He spray paints a board, which the sign says, "Santiago's Bar Gang."

Santiago notices Christian and the other Reed Safe-Zone patrolmen, and he and his gang approaches them.

"You're crossing onto my property. For that you'll either die or have to give us your life for the slave trade."

Santiago says to the survivors.

"None of the above, asshole."

Christian says to Santiago before knocking him out with his baseball bat.

The rest of the gang lowers their weapons.

"Don't rob people anymore."

Christian says to the gang members.

Christian brings the knocked out Santiago back to the gang.

Christian and the others as multiple trucks arrives.

"Santiago was one of my favorite people to work with. Since you harmed him you shall suffer."

Douglas says to Christian before shooting him in the chest as the others Reed Safe-Zone patrolmen are held as slave.

Two members of the Central Slave Trade Community grabs the wounded Christian, and places him into a truck.

Bradley and the others arrives at the Dereal Colony.

Fitzgerald walks up to a mining station.

"Hello, Fitzgerald."

Scott says to Fitzgerald.

"Where's Merle?"

Kentli asks Fitzgerald.

"He's staying with a new community we discovered."

Fitzgerald answers to Kentli.

"Ed's gonna be pissed."

Scott says to Fitzgerald.

Beth arrives with a cart.

Newton, Dan, Caleb, Benji, Treyson, and Leon exits from the Safe-Zone, and begins to track down The Executioner's Cult.

The Executioner and his fellow members returns to their base as they have a truck load of supplies.

"Trading the bitch alongside Allison and Elliot was a good trade."

Dwight says to The Executioner.

Nathan returns to his house, and lays on the couch, and he begins to have a flashback of him and Alice when they used to be together.

"If I just wounded her, and not fatally shot her, she'd possibly still be alive."

Nathan says to himself about Alice.

Ed confronts Fitzgerald about allowing Merle to ignore his duties.


  • Patrick Roy
  • Brent Joll
  • Doug Denver

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