Episode 79

Newton and his squad begins to search the woods.

"Keep your eyes open."

Newton says to the others.

Tyler is seen walking food to the dinner table as the others waits for him.

As Newton and his squad comes across an abandoned factory, Treyson gets sniped in the head by a member of The Executioner's Cult.

"Get in cover!!!"

Newton yells for the others just before Dwight shoots an arrow through his eye socket.

Newton begins to speak blurry words before collapsing to the ground as he dies.

Leon gets shot in the stomach, and begins to flee just as Dan, Caleb, and Benji gets surrounded by The Executioner's Cult.

"Don't try to look for your bitch because we've already sold her in the slave trade."

The Executioner says to the survivors.

"Gun down these bastards!!!"

The Executioner yells for his member, who follows his orders.

Leon hears the bullets that kills Dan, Caleb, and Benji, and he falls to the ground.

Leon pulls out a walkie talkie, and puts it on a different frequency.

"Help Me....."

Leon says to someone via walkie talkie.

Nathan Jr and the others hears the walkie talkie going off.

Nathan Jr runs up to the walkie talkie, and answers it.

"This is Nathan DeVries Jr. I'm the leader of a small community called the Wellington Community."

Nathan says to Leon via walkie talkie.

"Your at the Reed Safe-Zone. He's a part of their council. Enemies killed Newton and the rest of the squad I joined up with. Some bastards shot me, and I'm dying. I'm Leon. Please help...."

Leon says to Nathan Jr via walkie talkie before someone executes him.

Nathan Jr and the others hears the gunshot.

Nathan and several others begins to pack up a military truck of supplies and ammo.

Ella, Jenna, Carley, Juan, Marian, Kara, Nathaniel, and two more survivors goes with Nathan.

"We're heading to the Heikkila Safe-Zone. Fitzgerald and Merle met up with them, and Merle stayed behind to help with those survivors."

Nathan says to the others.

"Where's their safe-zone?"

Ella asks Nathan.

"St. Joseph, Michigan."

Nathan answers to Ella.

Juan and Kara begins to drive the truck.

Nathan hears a frequency coming from Nathan Jr.

"Dad, It's me. Nathan Jr. I heard a call from someone saying that Newton and the others were killed by a hostile group. The man's name was Leon, and he got murdered with the others."

Nathan Jr says to Nathan via walkie talkie.

Marian begins to cry after hearing the message.

Nathan sits there, shocked.

Nathan grabs the walkie talkie.

"Have you encountered a hostile group yet?"

Nathan asks Nathan Jr via walkie talkie.

Tyler grabs the walkie talkie.

"Nathan, there's some hostiles here. They're slavers. Help us fend them off. They're from a group called the Central Slave Trade Community."

Tyler says to Nathan via walkie talkie.

Nathan jumps out of the truck, and begins to run through the woods.

Tyler looks as Dirk is hiding from the slavers.

"Nathan! Get back here!!!"

Carley yells for Nathan.

"One of those people in trouble with the Central Slave Trade Community is his son, bitch."

Ella says to Jenna.

Jenna attempts to grab Ella, but Dwight shoots her in the head with an arrow.

The Executioner and his men arrives at the truck.

"Everyone, get the fuck out of the truck now!!!"

The Executioner yells at the survivovrs as several of his men carries the bodies of Newton and the others.

Nathan looks back as The Executioner's Cult confronts the survivors in horror.

"Get in a line now or I'll kill every one of you really quick."

Dwight says to the survivors.

"Screw you, fucker."

Marian says to Dwight, who slits her throat.

Juan looks on in horror.

"You've killed my siblings, assholes."

Juan says to the hostiles.

"Shut the fuck up, dude."

Nathaniel says to Juan.

"I want to live so I can find my daughter."

Nathaniel says to the hostile survivors.

"She's dead, dumbass. By a man called The Marksman."

The Executioner says to Nathaniel.

Ella begins to cry.

"Screw this shit. I'll kill three of you, and the rest of you can go by, and fuck off."

The Executioner says to the survivors as he begins to count the survivors.

Nathan hides behind a tree as several Centrel Slave Trade Community slavers catches him.

The slavers begins to shoot at Nathan.

"I've killed three of your people, Nathan."

The Executioner says to Nathan via walkie talkie.


  • Treyson Rodriguez
  • Newton Nelson
  • Dan Suarez
  • Caleb Smith
  • Benji Rodriguez
  • Leon Lopez
  • Jenna Campman
  • Marian Lopez

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