Episode 8

Brian and the others begins to exit from cover.

"Cover my rear!!!"

Brian yells for the others just as he runs into the forest.

TJ and Sally looks as zombies begins to arrive.

"Hopefully, Brian hurry up."

Sally says to TJ as they shoot at the zombies.

Nathan and Alice walks into the gym, and looks as there's huge improvements.

"I hope that we can live here forever."

Alice says to Nathan.

"I know."

Nathan says to Alice.

Some of the wall guards begins to cough as zombies begins to arrive at the community.

Some of the guards falls down from the madeshift walls as many more zombies begins to arrive.

Sandra drives to an abandoned house on the outskirts of Flint.

As she walks to the front door, someone knocks her out with a metal baseball bat.

Noah sits in the college cafeteria with Burt, Ben, Dwight, Joshua, and Chase.

"I wonder if anyone is willing to dare fucking with us."

Noah says to the others just before screams are heard from outside the college.

Brian runs towards a crashed car, and sees two corpses with their necks slitted.

Brian turns around, and gets knocked out.

TJ and Sally enters their car, and drives away until a large military truck hits them off from the road.

Sally looks as TJ is knocked out from the collision.

Sally pulls TJ away from the crash site, and sees a man standing in front of his truck.

"Time to surrender."

Stewie says to Sally and TJ just as some of his men arrives.

Nathan, Alice, Noah, Burt, Ben, Dwight, Joshua, and Chase looks as zombies has killed the other fellow survivors.

The survivors begins to kill the zombies as they advance.

Sally and TJ wakes up in a prison cell within the MacRoy Safe-Lands.

The two notices a man on the other side.

The man walks towards them, and it's revealed to be Brian.

"One of Stewie's men killed Benji."

Brian says to Sally and TJ.

Nathan looks as a wounded man arrives with a written message.

Noah and Dwight brings the wounded man into the college.

Nathan brings the man into a cell, and questions him.

"I'm Raekwon Warren, and I've deserted the MacRoy Safe-Lands. Stewie and the others has three of your members are prisoners after they killed one of your members."

Raekwon says to Nathan.

Nathan aims his pistol at Raekwon.

"You better not be lying to me."

Nathan says to Raekwon.

"I'm not. I'm done with Stewie's tyranny. Allow me to be in your service. Based on what your community looks like, you all should head to the Reed Safe-Zone."

Raekwon says to Nathan.

Chase smiles at Nathan.

"That's one of the places that I been to after the apocalypse began. I know the leader there. He was a former director for FEMA. He's a good guy."

Chase says to Nathan.


  • Numerous unnamed members of Roger's Community

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