Episode 80

5 minute before The Executioner calls Nathan, he brutally executes Ella, Nathaniel, and Carley.

"Screw you, asshole!!!"

Juan yells at The Executioner.

"Fuck you, you coward!!!"

Kara yells at The Executioner.

Liam and Lucas begins to cry as they look at Ella's corpse.

Current time.

Nathan cries after he hears The Executioner's call.

Nathan begins to kill some the slavers in their heads, and comes across Douglas and his bodyguards.

Nathan finds a grenade launcher on the ground, and shoot to at Douglas and his bodyguard, which all of them are blown up into multiple pieces.

Nathan Jr and the others runs outside towards Nathan.

"You've saved us."

Nathan Jr says to Nathan.

"But there was a cost. Some of my people has been killed because I wasn't there to save them."

Nathan says to Nathan Jr as Kara and the others arrives in a truck with the supplies and the dead bodies.

Several military trucks from the Dereal Colony and the MacRoy Safe-Lands arrives also.

"Ella, Carley, and Nathaniel were the ones that were executed."

Kara says to Nathan.

"Where's Carley?"

Nathan asks Kara.

"She was killed before the executions occurred. At least the Dereal Colony and the MacRoy Safe-Lands helped save the supplies from being taken."

Kara answers to Nathan.

A zombified Dwight feasts on a corpse of a cult member.

The Executioner lays on the ground mortally wounded.

He looks as both of his arm were blown off.

The Executioner begins to cry as zombies arrives, and devours him.

Nathan and the others travels back to the communities as Kara, Juan, Liam, and Lucas drives the truck to the Heikkila Safe-Zone, where Daniel, Janice, Merle, and several others waits at the front gates.

"Here's the supplies. You'll get not all of the supplies because some of us died trying to get these supplies to here."

Kara says to Daniel.

"We had a deal. All or we're not allies."

Daniel says to Kara.

Juan pulls out his pistol, and aims at Daniel.

"Some fucking bandits attacked us, and killed both of my siblings, asshole. Either accept our deal or all three communities will declare war on you and your community."

Juan says to Daniel.

Merle begins to aim at Daniel.

Fleance runs to the scene.

"What the hell is going on?"

Fleance asks Merle.

"Daniel isn't accept the new deal after some of the transporters were killed on the way to here."

Merle answers to Fleance.

"Accept the deal, Daniel."

Fleance says to Daniel.

Daniel shakes Juan's hand.

"We have a deal."

Daniel says to Juan just as the main gates closes, and Daniel and the others aims at Kara, Juan, Liam, Lucas, Merle, and Fleance.

"Father, stop!!!"

Janice yells at Daniel.

"Don't question me, Janice."

Daniel says to Janice.

"This is wrong."

Janice says to Daniel.

"Since you're siding with these fools, you're no longer my daughter."

Daniel says to Janice.

"Let us go."

Kara says to Daniel.

Liam aims at the gate guards.

"Open the fucking gates now."

Liam says to the guards.

The guards opens the gates, and the survivors flees from the Heikkila Safe-Zone.

Daniel runs outside of the gates alongside several of his men, and they shoot at the truck.

Janice cries in the truck.

"Why didn't my father just accept the deal?"

Janice asks Fleance.

"I don't know."

Fleance answers to Janice.


  • Ella Seely
  • Carley Goede
  • Nathaniel Harris
  • Douglas Cantu
  • Dwight O'Neill (Confirmed Fate, Alive)
  • The Executioner
  • Numerous unnamed Central Slave Trade Community slavers
  • Numerous unnamed members of The Executioner's Cult (Confirmed Fates)

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