Episode 89

Nathan Jr looks as his fellow men are quickly killed by Jonas and his men.

Nathan Jr begins to retreat alone as Jonas and his men.

Jonas aims down his rifle, and shoots Nathan Jr in the legs.

Nathan Jr falls down to the ground.

"You've fucked up, fucker."

Jonas says to Nathan Jr just as the ghosts of Alice, Carley, Roger, and Todd arrives.

"Don't harm my son!!!"

Carley yells at Jonas.

Jonas shoots at the ghosts, but realizes that the bullets goes through them until Nathan arrives, and shoots Jonas in the shoulders.

Nathan aims at the other Los Ceros advancing soldiers.

"Time for you all to leave, and never come back."

Nathan says to the soldiers before he gets shot in the chest by Lui.

Jonas gets up, and spots Em and Elfego, and shoots Em in the head.

Nathan looks as his wound isn't healing.

Nathan begins to spit out blood just before Caleb slices Lui in half.

Elfego cries over Em's corpse.

Nathan Jr notices as Nathan falls to the ground.

"Dad! Don't die!!!"

Nathan Jr yells for Nathan.

Jonas attempts to grab the crossbow, but gets shot in the head by an armed military man.

The soldier aims at Nathan Jr, Elfego, Caleb, and the others.

"We'll revive your father, Nathan Jr."

Francis answers to Nathan Jr just as a high ranking soldier walks up to Nathan Jr.

"Hello, dipshit. I'm the father of Troyer, who was murdered by your father. You better give me a good reason why we should spare you and the others of any death."

Doug says to Nathan Jr.

"Doug, you were always a dick like your son."

Francis says to Doug.

Nathan is flown to an airship, where he gets revived after almost bleeding to death.

Nathan Jr and the others are forced into a line as the ghosts of the fallen disappears.

"I am your new leader, and you'll have to obey my orders. We're rebuilding the world under my rule."

Doug says to the survivors.

Alvin stands behind Francis in sadness.

"Alvin! You betrayed us?"

Robert asks Alvin.

"I would be spared from any harm."

Alvin answers to Robert, who jumps up at Alvin, and slits his throat.

Robert gets shot in the head by Francis.

"Screw you, asshole. Kill me if you'll kill us all."

Bethany says to Doug before he executes her in front of the others.

"Fuck off, prick."

Nathan Jr says to Doug.

Doug aims his gun at Nathan Jr's head, but Francis stops him.

"He's the son of your son's murderer. Do it in front of Nathan."

Francis says to Doug.

"You got a point."

Doug says to Francis just as a zombified Alvin grabs Francis, and bites him in the neck.

"Soldiers, tranquilize the zombified Alvin. We'll move him with Francis' corpse."

Doug says to his fellow soldiers just before a zombified Alvin breaks free, and bites Doug in his arm.

Nathan Jr and the others begins to retreat just as Nathan Jr shoots Doug in the head.

Nathan looks as he's in an airship as it flies away from the old US.

Nathan breaks free of the chains, and finds an small helicopter on the bay, and flies it away.

"My son and the others will be fine. I'll explore the world to search for more groups."

Nathan says to himself.

Nathan Jr looks as Nathan flies a helicopter away from the old US.

"My father is going to look for more places."

Nathan Jr says to himself after he and the others retreated to the old Freedom Wall College.

Nathan looks as his plane gets hit by a missile.

Nathan finds a parachute, and jumps out of the plane.

Nathan lands on the ground as he's equiped with Dwight's modified crossbow.

"This is my weapon now."

Nathan says to himself.


  • Em Arcine
  • Lui Calibre
  • Jonas Espinosa
  • Robert Crandall
  • Alvin Parks (Alive)
  • Bethany Denver
  • Francis Wyant
  • Doug Bates
  • Several unnamed Reed Safe-Zone soldiers

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