Episode 9

Nathan and the others comes across a farm, and as they begin to walk away from it, they get greeted by the survivors that lives there.

"Hey! Come join us for a few days at least."

Samuel says to the survivors as his guards are spotted surrounding the survivors.


Nathan says to Samuel.

Greg sits in his RV within the Reed Safe-Zone as Johnathan and Alicia are waiting for Ramirez.

"Ramirez should be here by now."

Alicia says to Johnathan and Greg.

"I know."

Greg says to Alicia.

Nathan and the others enters Samuel's Group's house, and they are sitted at the dining table.

"We have some delicious food for all of you."

Samuel says to the survivors.

"I have to go to the bathroom."

Nathan says to Samuel.

"The bathroom is upstairs. You'll see it."

Samuel says to Nathan.

Nathan gets up from his chair, and heads up the stairs, and as he's in the bathroom, he sees a bookshelf blocking a doorway.

Nathan begins to move the shelf, and as he opens the door, he discovers a mortally wounded Sandra with missing legs and arms.

"Nathan.....don't eat the food. You need to check up on the barn near the house."

Sandra says to Nathan before Nathan kills her out of mercy.

Nathan turns around as Samuel is standing there.

"A man's gotta eat. She was an obstacle, and she sure does taste like chicken....kinda."

Samuel says to Nathan just before Nathan shoots Samuel in the head.

Nathan runs down the stairs, and yells for the others to not eat the food.

"These fuckers are cannibals! This food is literally Sandra!!!"

Nathan yells at the others.

The survivors becomes sickened.

"We need to check up on the barn. Sandra told me.....that there's something very important in there."

Nathan says to the others.

The survivors leaves the house, and heads into the barn, and discovers a wall with State ID cards on it.

"I'll check them."

Burt says to Nathan as he begins to look at the cards.

Burt begins to cry as he grabs one of them.

"Who's card is that?"

Noah asks Burt.


Burt answers to Noah.

"I' sorry for your loss."

Raekwon says to Burt.

"Let's collect all of the cards. If we find the others' families, we'll tell them about their losses."

Nathan says to the others.

"You're fucking kidding me. Little kids' school ID cards...."

Chase says to the others.

"Is my son one of them?"

Burt asks the others.

"Your son's card isn't one of them."

Joseph answers to Burt.

"He better be safe out there."

Burt says to the others before escaping from the farm.

The remaining members of Samuel's Group begins to build a wall around the farm, and begins to run a small community of their own.


  • Sandra Lopez
  • Samuel Andrewstone
  • Susan Sandler (Confirmed Fate)
  • Numerous unnamed wandering survivors (Confirmed Fates)

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