Episode 93

Nathan discovers a private jet, and as he walks towards it, three armed men arrives.

"You homes! Get the fuck away from my plane!!!"

The men yells at Nathan.

"I have a large group back in America."

Nathan says to the men.

"Fuck your group, mother fucker."

The men says to Nathan as he and the others aims at Nathan.

20 years ago, 2 days before the apocalypse began.

Nathan hears news of a mysterious disease.

Nathan looks down the hallway, and looks in horror as a fellow classmate begins to puke blood in the middle of the hallway.


Bud yells at the man.

"Fuck off, Bud."

Nathan says to Bud.

Bud walks up to Nathan, and punches Nathan in the face.

Nathan begins to tackle Bud, and begins to punch him in the face.

Current time.

Nathan stands over the knocked out men, and drags them into a storage room, and leaves the door open just as he gets onto the plane, and flies away.


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