Episode 95

Nathan walks around the college, and sees Nathan Jr cheaning the floor with Kenny.

"Hello, Nathan."

Kenny says to Nathan.


Nathan Jr yells for Nathan.

The two hugs each other, and cries.

"Meet anyone while you were gone?"

Nathan Jr asks Nathan.

"I found my father alive, but I left him behind after all the shit he's done to me as a child."

Nathan answers to Nathan Jr and hands his son a picture of his own father.

Nathan exits from the college, and sees burnt bodies of zombies.

"We've taken out many zombies, Nathan."

Morton says to Nathan as Natalie and Greg walks towards the garden.

Juan and Kara arrives at the college with a carriage full of rations.

"Nathan, welcome back."

Juan says to Nathan.

"We got supplies!!!"

Kara yells for the others.

Ludwig, Bradley, and several others arrives at the carriage, and brings the rations into the college.

"We've killed every zombie in the surrounding area, but we've left you some of to face some of your fears, and for you to take all of them out while releasing some stress from pre and post-apocalypstic lifestyles."

Bradley says to Nathan.

Nathan arrives at the zombie heads of Carley and the others.

Nathan kills all of them but the zombie head of Carley's, and cries.

"I should protected you from The Marksman."

Nathan says to the zombie head before putting it down.

Nathan cries just as a ghost of Carley arrives.

"Go put The Marksman's head down."

Carley says to Nathan.

Nathan walks up to The Marksman's zombified head, and puts it down.

Nathan falls to the ground, and cries.

Nathan looks as Nathan Jr arrives.

"Dad, I wanted you to put them down. The group has finally conquered the US. We've built walls on all sides. We've cleared all lakes and rivers of waste and corpses. Even the wreckage on the coast of NYC was cleaned up, and we have those zombies to take care of."

Nathan Jr says to Nathan.

The two arrives at the location, and puts down all of the zombified survivors.


  • Felipe Gaza (Zombified)
  • Abigail Harris (Zombified)
  • Marissa Hernando (Zombified)
  • Carla Nelson (Zombified)
  • Lamar Tanner (Zombified)
  • Billy Greene (Zombified)
  • Locke Reed (Zombified)
  • Brittany Yak (Zombified)
  • Alexis Smith (Zombified)
  • Jennifer Billington (Zombified)
  • Roger Everett (Zombified)
  • Nicholas Everett (Zombified)
  • Kurt Tanis (Zombified)
  • Maggie Greene (Zombified)
  • Axel Winston (Zombified)
  • Oscar Franklin (Zombified)
  • Andrew Douglas (Zombified)
  • Dexter Noah (Zombified)
  • Gareth Tanner (Zombified)
  • Ty Harrell (Zombified)
  • Paul Randall (Zombified)
  • Rosalie Thoms (Zombified)
  • Lui Henderson (Zombified)
  • Annie Stevens (Zombified)
  • Lucas Fitz (Zombified)
  • Sally Becker (Zombified)
  • Dwight O'Neill (Zombified)
  • Alvin Parks (Zombified)
  • Carley Eastly (Zombified)
  • The Marksman (Zombified)
  • Lisa Cooper (Zombified)
  • Benson Yakk (Zombified)
  • Josh Billman (Zombified)
  • Harold Brown (Zombified)
  • Erica Parker (Zombified)
  • Gregory Stevens (Zombified)
  • Numerous unnamed survivors (Zombified)

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