Episode 96

The rest of the earth is cleared of any other zombies.

Nathan looks as the remaining survivors from the other areas on the Earth are forced to move into the barricaded US.

Bella looks at Nathan.

"Thank you for sparing me a long time ago."

Bella says to Nathan.

Nathan smiles at Bella as she walks away.

Kara walks up to Nathan, and kisses him on the cheek.

"When will we start repopulating the earth?"

Kara asks Nathan.

"Now, since the zombie virus is cured within everyone. There's a mysterious virus called the werewolf curse, which there was a colony of cursed survivors, who are now cured."

Nathan answers to Kara.

Nathan Jr sits in an office complex at his desk.

"Everyone! Listen up!!!"

Kenny yells at the others.

Nathan Jr, Ludwig, Beth, Kentli, and several others begins to listen to Kenny.

"We all will be working on rebuildin social networks, such as Facebook, and community-based websites, such as Wikia, etc."

Kenny says to the others.

"You heard the man."

Ludwig says to the others.

Nathan Jr rushes to his computer, and begins to fix up the internet.

Nathan sits in his new office in New York City within the rebuilt new world trade center.

"So I'm the current president of the Earth Colony. The Earth is finally under one nation, and I'm the leader of it."

Nathan says to himself.

Someone shoots at the door, and barges inside.

Nathan attempts to go for his gun on his desk, but he gets shot at by the masked man.

Nathan hides behind a pillar struture.


  • Nathan unnamed step-mother (Zombified)
  • Numerous unnamed survivors (Zombified)

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