Episode 97

Nathan charges at the masked man, and begins to repeatly beat him to death.

After he kills the masked man, he rips the mask off from the man's head, and the man is revealed to be Tyson.

Sean, Will, Dorian, and the other remaining of the former US Military begins to terrorize the Earth Colony.

"We are who should lead!!!"

The armed survivors yells at the others.

Nathan looks through the window in shock and horror.

Nathan Jr and the others in the office complex looks out the window.

"Everyone......return to your computers!!!"

Kenny yells at the others.

"Look outside, Kenny."

Nathan Jr says to Kenny.

Kenny walks to the window, and looks down at the shocking sight.

Joe sits in his bunker, and begins to eat several snacks.

Joe looks on the TV as the signals are setted back up.

Bella and Donald sits on the News Set.

"Breaking new! There's an armed group of former US soldiers that are threatening the Earth Colony citizens in New York City."

Bella says to the others via news.

Joe looks at his armory.

"I want to help."

Joe says to himself as a woman walks up to him.

"I'm glad that you letted me stay."

Allison says to Joe.

Elfego walks past a large prison, and looks as the rest of Los Ceros are locked up.

"Fucking traitor!!!"

Chad yells at Elfego.

"Fuck you too, asshole!!!"

Elfego yells at Chad before walking away towards his bike.

Bradley and several others airlifts the rest of the supplies from the other parts of the earth.

"Everyone! We'll have nature take care of those walks of the earth. The US will be where we'll repopulate."

Bradley says to the others via walkie talkie.


  • Tyson Jackson

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