Episode 98

Several armed guards begins to evacuate most of the citizens away from the former US Military.

"Stop with the resistance!!!"

Juan yells at the soldiers.

Kara hides behind cover next to Juan.

"The only way we'll stop is if we die!!!"

Will yells at Juan before he and the others begins to shoot at the guards.

Juan, Kara, and the others begins to kill Sean, Dorian, and the other soldiers just as Will begins to flee.

Nathan rushes out of the rebuilt new trade center with an assault rifle.

"Juan, I'm coming with you."

Nathan says to Juan.

"Let's get going after that lone soldier."

Juan says to Nathan as they enter one of the alleyways.

Nathan Jr rushes outside.

"Kara, stay behind my father and Juan."

Nathan Jr says to Kara.

Kara begins to follow Nathan and Juan as Nathan Jr and the others begins to scout in other places for Will's presence.


  • Sean Franklin
  • Dorian Langston
  • Numerous unnamed US Soldiers

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