Episode 99

Nathan and Juan finds a dead body on the ground outside the back of a grocery store.


Juan says to himself.

Will exits from cover, and aims at the two with his LMG.

"Spare my life, and I'll gurantee that we'll never fight again."

Will says to the two.

"Fuck you, asshole."

Nathan says to Will before shooting him in the head.

Nathan grabs Will's LMG, and notices a notecard in Will's jacket pocket.

As he read the note, Juan begins to aim at Nathan.

Nathan turns around, and pulls out his pistol after he drops the LMG.

Nathan and Juan aims at each other.

"I knew that you'd read it. I hated you since the moment you've killed my boyfriend Greg Castro, the moment you've ruined the Reed Safe-Zone, and the moment you've caused the deaths of my siblings. I'm avenging all of those you've killed or caused to die."

Juan says to Nathan before a shot is fired.


  • Will Hagen

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