Dead Revenge is a TV series created by Thibo1102.


After a bandit named Wesley shoots Timon's brother, he swears to get his revenge, but Wesley is smarter than he thought...


Chadwick Family

Timon's Army

Eric's Camp

Wesley's Group

Whale Clan

Putin's Group

Forest Survivors

Phox's Group

Timon's Group


Season 1

Season 2


  • Wesley's group contains the most main characters in the entire series, being three (Wesley, Peter, and Lars), beating Timon's group/family by one.
    • Funnily enough, even though Wesley is the main antagonist in the series, he only has two appearances, being even less than some of the "Also Starring" roles.
  • Oddly, the zombies seem to be more of a minor threat in this series, and the major threat being other humans.
    • This is mostly because it is far in the apocalypse and zombies have thinned out.

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