Don Image
Name Don
Gender Male
Faction/Group Margaret's group (formerly), Mordecai's group (currently)
Family Unknown
First Appearance A New Day
Last Appearance A New Day
Status Dead
Death Devoured by walkers during the walker attack at the drug store.

Don is a main character in The Regular Dead. He is a raccoon like Rigby, except he his a lot taller and more muscular than Rigby.


Don is very kind hearted and smart. He's also very reliable when it comes to jobs in the group, like looking out for any oncoming walkers.


Nothing is known about Don's life before the outbreak began.


A New Day

Don is seen on lookout during the argument between Mordecai's group and Margaret's group. He doesn't say very much throughout the argument and when the entire group was hiding from the possibility of oncoming walkers.

Rigby tasks Don and CJ to take turns on lookout, which Don agrees to do. For the rest of the fifth chapter, Don has a very brief role.


Killed By

During the walker attack, CJ and Don were both put into precarious positions, pitting Mordecai to choose who to save first. Mordecai chose CJ first, causing Don to be dragged out of the window and devoured by walkers.


  • Don takes on the role of Doug from The Walking Dead video game.
  • Rigby and Don are brothers in Regular Show, but in this story, they are not related and have no idea who each other are.
  • Like Doug, Don is not too good around zombies.
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